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Scavenger Hunt Sunday – From Sea to Shining Symetrical Giggle

See, Sea, or C


This is from our trip last summer to the Redneck Riviera of Alabama. I have to confess that the pic was taken in a bay not on the open sea. I don’t feel bad though.



I found this pair of chairs at Powell Gardens near Kansas City. I just love’em. 



Well I have over 37,000 photo and not a one tagged “Symmetry.” So how about a double exposure. This was also up in Powell Gardens. There was a trellis over a trail so I took a photograph and then turned the camera upside down and shot the same shot. So it does have a symmetry about it, I think. You think? Somebody throw me a bone! 



Well, again, no blankets, but how about another shot from Powell Gardens. A flower bed in side a bed frame. I thought that was very clever. So, how about letting me call it a blanket? Pleeeeaaaase?



Logan is in a youth improv comedy class. He has been doing it for sometime and loves it. They have performances every now and then to show off their chops and they have a great time on stage.

Scavenger Hunt Sunday