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The Marjorie Powell Allen Chapel at Powell Gardens


The Marjorie Powell Allen Chapel overlooks a small lake at Missouri’s Powell Gardens just east of Kansas City, Missouri.


It is a beautiful building in a beautiful setting. It is basically wood and glass set on a rock foundation. It soars into the sky and is very light and spacious.


It was designed by E. Fay Jones (1921-1994) who designed similar chapels in Eureka Springs and Bella Vista, Arkansas. Mr. Jones was an apprentice of Frank Lloyd Wright. The architecture school at the University of Arkansas bears his name.


I don’t know the first thing about architecture but I do think the design is very graceful and simple in form but sumptuous in details.


What a view! You can rent the chapel for a wedding if you wish.

I found the chapel to be very inspiring. Have you been to an inspiring place lately?

Our World – Oklahoma Centennial Botanical Garden

We got a little break ffrom our 100+ temperatures on Saturday so we loaded up and went to see the Oklahoma Centennial Botanical Garden about ten miles northwest of downtown Tulsa.


It covers about 170 acres located in the Osage hills with a variety of terrain from a small lake to meadowland to lots of woods.


We had never visited the gardens before. I had run a couple of trail races through it but I was more interested in not tripping and falling on my face than looking around and seeing what is going on.


It is a work in progress but they have built nice trails with benches, the lake and a small visitor center overlooking the lake.


The Gardens have been a long time in coming and I think it is already a great asset to Tulsa. As they install the gardens it will become even more valuable.


Meantime, I’ll just poke around way behind Sweetie and SuperPizzaBoy taking my pictures and seeing what’s what.



In deep summer the colors are mostly gone, except for the greens, but if you look you can color here and there.


It seems like you are never very far from an oil well in Oklahoma.


Right now it is only open on Saturdays from April to October. They will expand the hours as they expand the facilities.


It’ll be fun to watch this play grow as the years go by.

Our World