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Signs, Signs, – Stokely Event Center

#stokelyeventcenter #signs #tulsa #oklahoma #igersok where Logan's school is having their #prom tonight

The best place in Tulsa for taking pics of signs is the Stokely Event Center. I’ve been there a few times taking pics of their outside signs but had never been inside. It is a cool place. They have their own geocache so you know they are cool, right?

Logan is looking sharp for his #prom #igersok #tulsa #oklahoma

Logan’s school had his prom there. Here is all spiffed up. I think he even liked his outfit. And that is saying something.


Heather helped with the event. (I just have to brag on her. Isn’t she beautiful? What does she see in me? That last was just a hypothetical question that you don’t need to answer!) I just got to drop off Logan and his buddy and then go home. I was ill you see and didn’t need to be getting the youngin’s sick.


I snuck inside anyway for a little while (yep snuck is a word here in Oklahoma. ) Talk about signs, the inside of the place is is a riot. Signs of all kinds everywhere. Many of them neon signs.


I liked the soft drink section. I’ve had most of these except I have never heard of Delaware Punch or Dandee. Anybody out there have those?


I was eyeing the shuffleboard table. Heather and I did a lot of our courting playing shuffleboard. It is still our game. But, I could only stay a few minutes and she was working and the event was for the kids. I thought about coughing on it and announcing a quarentine but decided not to.


I bet not too many of the kids knew what this is. I bet you most adults who knew, don’t remember. Oh, and then I had to go home.

LJ the #cat is trying to be friends #catsofinstagram  #igersok

Where me and LJ watched a few episodes of Breaking Bad. My newest obsession. (I’m telling you for one last time to quit looking so stumped on what she sees in me!)

Signs, Signs.

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