Weekend Reflections – Pepsi Lake

Turkey Mountain Pond May 2015

This is Pepsi Lake on Turkey Mountain from back in May. Great year on the mountain with all the rain that we got┬áplus it got saved from an outlet mall that was proposed and then cancelled. There was a huge surge in popularity that resulted with all sorts of new people tromping all over the place. Things have died down quite a bit with the heat of the summer and school starting so I’m back to seeing very few people during my weekly run.

Last week’s post on Turkey Mountain was taken from across the lake from this photo and a little to the right.

Where is your go to place to relax?

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5 thoughts on “Weekend Reflections – Pepsi Lake

  1. sylviakirk

    Such a beautiful, peaceful place indeed!! I do hope it’s saved from developers, too!! I think they frequently do more harm than good and we all need some of those “untouched” places from time to time!! Lovely reflections and a great capture for the day!! Have a great weekend!!

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