Weekend Reflections – Granite and Glass


This is the building where I work. The building is polished granite and glass and its modern exterior stands out in Tulsa’s mostly art deco style buildings. I took this shot from the parking garage across the street. I liked how the building reflected the sky to the east, and another high rise.

The building started out as Cities Service Oil Company’s new headquarters at 52 floors but before construction could get very far there was first an oil bust and then Boone PIckens who drove Cities into the arms of Occidental Petroleum who decided to make it 37 floors and then they decided to sell it to my employer who capped it at 17 floors. So it is “hell for stout” as we say in Oklahoma. A 17 story building with foundations and steel structure designed for 52. Plus we have lots of elevators!  We can still feel the earthquakes we are having in Oklahoma.

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13 thoughts on “Weekend Reflections – Granite and Glass

  1. sylviakirk

    What a great, beautiful building!! And a great place to work!! And, of course, terrific reflections for the day as well!! I hope you have a great weekend!! Enjoy!!

  2. DrillerAA

    Nice image Yogi. Brings back a flood of memories. I worked for the architectural firm that completed the drawings for the 17 story final project. I was fresh out of school so all I really got to work on was the door and hardware schedules. I have never been inside the building, which seems kind of ironic.

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