Spring Skies in Tulsa


Spring stepped up this week after weeks of cold. And so I took my bike on the RiverParks Trails after work. Here is a shadow selfie of me on my fifteen year old Giant at work.


A little sunset action on the west bank of the Arkansas River.


A view of the soon to be demolished Pedestrian Bridge. The powers that be decided we needed something fancier to fit in with our new Gathering Place Park.


Same bridge only behind several varieties of redbuds. The white variety is actually still a redbud. Or so I am told.


More redbuds!! And my old bike. People make fun of my bike because it is very old and heavy and not sleek and I have a bell and a mirror on it. They say get something newer and faster. Why, what is my hurry?


And Monday, the Tulsa Drillers were playing an 11 am game. Well by gum, I have lots of vacation and a flexible type job so after clearing with my boss I went down a bought a ticket right behind home plate and watched me a baseball game!! No better way to spend a day. Actually if my son and wife with me it could be better. But they hate baseball, so never mind. You like my seat? The guy with the radar gun was six seats to my right. And then I went back to work after watching about six innings. I love daytime games.

18 thoughts on “Spring Skies in Tulsa

  1. DeniseinVA

    Great photos Yogi, always love that glow when the sun starts going down. What a nice way to treat yourself. I’m afraid I am like your wife and son as far as baseball is concerned but being able to go to a game and enjoy a day off, I think that is really neat.

  2. Alana

    I love redbuds! I remember the beautiful ones planted around Prairie Grove State Park in Northwest Arkansas, back in the 1980’s when we lived there. They lined Hwy 62 and were gorgeous when in bloom. We returned in 2013 and the trees were gone. I came close to crying. I have never seen a white redbud but a local homeowner has a yellow one. I can also mourn the coming destruction of the pedestrian bridge.

  3. Amy Franks

    I like how cherry trees are always a good indication Spring is here. I imagine it would’ve been good to out in a change of temperature.

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