Our World – Hiking the Lakeview Lodge Trail

Heather and I went down to Broken Bow, Oklahoma this past weekend for a long overdue vacation and reset. We were supposed to go last Spring for a combination birthday, retirement, and other things weekend but then the pandemic showed up. We rented a very nice cabin for the weekend.


We did a couple of hikes. The first one was in Beavers Bend State Park, a four mile route on the Lakeview Trail.


It was a clean, very well maintained and marked route through the mixed hardwoods and pines.


I think they use controlled burns to keep the brush down. It really makes a difference in forest health where it can be done safely. It really opens the forest up to where you can see into it.


The loop trail borders Broken Bow Lake on the return leg leading to some nice scenery. This looks like a good place to go fishing to me.


Another cove seen on the trail.

Right at four miles. We were tired but happy!! Ready to chill out at the cabin we were renting.

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17 thoughts on “Our World – Hiking the Lakeview Lodge Trail

  1. Eileen


    The trail, lake and forest all look beautiful. I would like to stay in that cabin, looks relaxing.
    Nice shot of your wife. Take care, enjoy your day. Wishing you a happy week!

  2. Sallie

    I’m delighted you two got away. Cabin looks inviting, hike looks invigorating and scenic. And you (both) had great company … what could be better!

  3. Ellen

    That cabin looks amazing! So glad you guys got out of town for a few days.

    I think someone has raked that forest floor.

  4. Margy

    Lots of travel plans got a reset. Glad you were able to act on them. We have November RV reservations in Arizona but it’s not looking good enough yet for us to fly down and back. – Mar

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