A Tour of Downtown Tulsa, Cold Freezing Weather Edition

110 Occidental Plaza when did they change red to #blue #oxybuilding #tulsa #oklahoma #coldfront #overcast #igersok

This is the old Cities Service Company headquarters here in Tulsa. Remember Cities Service? At one time they were one of the largest oil companies in the world. Well, an outmoded cost structure and Boone Pickens took care of that so they ended up being part of Occidental Petroleum. Oxy as they are called is completely out of Tulsa now.

#coldfront #overcast #skies #alley #powerlines #best_skyshots #snapseed #hdrfilter #tulsa #oklahoma #igersok Nobody's but geocachers,  instagrammers,  and pan handlers out and about today

I went for a walk today, taking pics. On real cold days like this not too many office workers are out and about. It’s construction guys and homeless guys and gals. I don’t know about you but I get really tired getting asked for spare change. I got hit up just before I took this pic. Tulsa has the most polite panhandlers I’ve ever encountered. My heart goes out to them but not my cash. Sorry if you think less of me. I mean I don’t go out at noon because I have a lot of cash and don’t know what to do about it.


I used to walk to the downtown library every day when I didn’t have anything else going on. They closed the main library under the guise of renovating the building. Of course they don’t have the money to renovate yet so I guess that… well I don’t have any idea what the plan is. So they have opened a temporary satellite library on the edge of downtown in an old Safeway grocery store. It is all flash and dash with nice tables and chairs and a technology center and a few books. The books are displayed like they would be in a book store. A small bookstore at that, with not much of a selection. Still they have free wi-fi so I can play Words with Friends and check out Instagram and all that other stuff that the gas company doesn’t pay me to do on their time and bandwidth.

It is kind of a rough crowd at the Librarium. At the Central Library the security was relatively non obstrusive and you had actual families in the building. Not very many families at the Librarium but you get one or two security guards. I’m supportive on the library system but I am not happy with the Librarium. I wouldn’t take my family there.

What do you do at lunch? Do you feel comfortable in your local library?

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11 thoughts on “A Tour of Downtown Tulsa, Cold Freezing Weather Edition

  1. Leedslass

    The only thing that mars your pictures of Tulsa are the intrusive overhead wires. I am so glad we tend to put ours underground.

    We have a travelling library which calls on us. Small but beautifully formed if you know what I mean:-) The only problem is their computer seems to be “down” on most visits.

  2. Jeanie

    Interesting to me to hear that the old Safeway is now a library. I used to walk to that Safeway every time I visited my aunt who lived a little south of there.
    The library in our little town is very nice. The library in nearby Boulder is also very nice but in an area that has lots of panhandlers.

  3. Sylvia K

    Love your moody skies!! We do have great libraries in Portland as we did in Seattle — all much better than many in much of Texas, although Dallas was an exception. We do, however, have more than our share of homeless and panhandlers, particularly these days. Hope your week is off to a great start!

  4. EG CameraGirl

    Yes, I feel comfortable in my public library but I’m sure you would think it’s very, very small. We now have borrowing privileges at two larger-town public libraries, though, and they might impress you more. 😉

  5. Sallie (FullTime-Life)

    That’s sad that the Library isn’t welcoming to families. We are big Library users, but both here in Florida and where we stay in Oregon they are small neighborhood branches. But not a bad selection..plus you can order the books you want and be on a wait list to pick them up at your own branch.

    Agree with you on panhandlers. And plus your reasons, for women especially it is a very bad idea to open one’s handbag and fumble around out on the street.

  6. Hula La

    Love, love, love my library! I encourage everyone to support their local library! Don’t give up on your “librarium”… perhaps some public awareness will help them put it in high gear! GEEK THE LIBRARY campaign may help! Check it out!

  7. Hula La

    p.s…I never give out cash to panhandlers, but I will pop into a local cafe and buy them a cuppa joe and a bagel or sandwich. Random Acts of Kindness are good for the soul. Read what we do as a family here. Enjoy! RAK

  8. genie

    Yes, I am old enough to remember Cities Service. My daddy always traded with them. Sorry about the library. Ours his is small, but a nice place to go…except in the afternoon after school when all the kids are in there taking over the computers. They can get loud. The BIG libraries are at Virginia Military Institute and Washington and Lee University.

  9. Daryl

    i dont go out to lunch, i work in times square its not a place you want to go out to .. too many tourists …. i am actually 2 (long) blocks from the main branch of the NY Public Library but never think to go .. i dont think i have been to a library since i was a kid and went to the Highbridge branch in the Bronx where i grew up and read my way through the young adult section into the main room …. at lunch i usually work while i eat or play words with friends or check the IG feed or read the newspaper and do the crossword puzzle

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