Skywatch Friday – In the Middle of Nowhere

South Tulsa Sky.jpg

The view late Saturday out in the middle of nowhere somewhere south of Tulsa on my way to pick up Logan at a friend’s house. It was a perfect weekend, found six geocaches, warm, dry, and the Dallas Cowboys didn’t play so they didn’t lose another game at the last minute.

Skywatch Friday

21 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – In the Middle of Nowhere


    Bah….Dallas Cowboys….the one team I don’t like. LOL [they were the nemesis of ‘my’ Broncos for I don’t know HOW long.

    Beautiful sky shot…almost raspberry-ish.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you since I’m not gonna be online next week!!! Hope it’s safe, happy, and healthy!

  2. colleen

    Like a lit up painting, reminds me of those old turning lamps that were lit up at night by the light bulb. Usually there was a covered wagon involved.

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