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Oklahoma City Bombing – 20 Years Later


I can’t believe that it has been twenty years since the Oklahoma City Bombing when 168 people were murdered. I remember it like it was yesterday.


I was watching the news unfold on television and at first the pundits were convinced that it is an act of Islamic terrorism. It took a little bit of time but then we found out that one of our own, with some help from fellow cowards, had done the killing.


It is just flat unbelievable that such evil exists in the world. But it does.


The Memorial that stands where the Murrah building stood is now a place of peace, serenity, and healing. The Memorial was done just right. There is a museum there but I have never been able to bring myself to visit it.


I just kind of wonder whether we as a country have learned anything or not. At the time of the bombing it was the militias that were in the news and how they thought that the Federal Government was taking away our rights and blah, blah, blah. The Oklahoma City murders seemed to quiet that talk for a time.  Such talk seems to be on the upswing again and it scares me a little bit. There are mentally unbalanced people out there, like the cowards responsible for the Oklahoma City bombing, who are liable to act on those words.

Jesus Wept

But for today, lets just remember the 168 innocents and their family and friends.

We Are All From Boston

The people of the city of Boston, and many others all over the world, are trying to make sense of what happened Monday. The trouble is that sane people will never understand things like this.

(Oklahoma City Memorial)

Those of us in Oklahoma, and New York City, and Newtown Connecticut, and countless other places have been left to pick up the pieces, bury the dead, and try to figure out what happened and why.


But still we just don’t get it or at least I don’t. Don’t be talking to me about original sin and we are all evil and so on. I get it, I believe it, but it doesn’t explain a thing. Yes we are all sinners but only a few us commit mass murder.


I’m not even sure that God understands. What we need is some comfort.


And some justice.

Finally, one down, the other brother captured. 

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Weekend Reflections – Devon Tower and Myriad Gardens

Last week I was in Oklahoma City.


The Devon Tower and the Myriad Garden’s Crystal Bridge made a matching pair that night.


The revamped Myriad Gardens has some very nice areas.

Skater at Myriad Gardens

There is a temporary ice rink set up. Lots of people skating during the warm evening.


There were lights everywhere.

Oklahoma City Memorial at Night

I walked a few blocks to the north. I’ve always wanted to see the Oklahoma City Memorial at night. These lights glow year round  for the 168 people who lost their lives in the attack.

Weekend Reflections

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