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Wednesday Waters – Lafortune Park

Lafortune Park Pond

We are deep into Spring here in northeast Oklahoma and we have lots of rain so one can see why this area is called “Green Country” by some. Pretty soon will come the high temps and humidity but after all these years that doesn’t bother me that much. You learn how to adapt.

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Weekend Reflections – Devon Tower and Myriad Gardens

Last week I was in Oklahoma City.


The Devon Tower and the Myriad Garden’s Crystal Bridge made a matching pair that night.


The revamped Myriad Gardens has some very nice areas.

Skater at Myriad Gardens

There is a temporary ice rink set up. Lots of people skating during the warm evening.


There were lights everywhere.

Oklahoma City Memorial at Night

I walked a few blocks to the north. I’ve always wanted to see the Oklahoma City Memorial at night. These lights glow year round  for the 168 people who lost their lives in the attack.

Weekend Reflections

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Watery Wednesday – Idaho Falls

The family just got back from a visit to Idaho Falls, Idaho to visit my father. We had a pretty good time visiting and sightseeing.

One of the nice things about Idaho Falls are the.. , well the Falls.

The Snake River has a natural falls there. The City of Idaho Falls has captured some of that natural elevation difference and diverts some of the water through a bulb turbine to generate electricity. The city has generated electricity off the river since 1900. Presently the three bulb generators produce about 100 million kilowatt hours of electricity annually from the nineteen foot elevation across the Falls.

But there is plenty of water for the Falls. If it were anywhere else it might be a tourist attraction in itself but tourists who Idaho Falls are in a lather to get to the nearby Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton Park so they whiz right be the Falls.

They are missing out is what I say.

Mary K. Oxley Nature Center

Sunday afternoon we talk a family walk to the Mary K. Oxley Nature Center here in Tulsa, OK.


Even though it has been a dry year, there is lots of water at the Nature Center.


They have lakes, ponds, and sloughs there.


They also have lots of trails, a boardwalk, a few blinds, and an observation tower to view it all.


As a bonus Sweetie found a snake skin. I flubbed the focus on the pic.


It was a great afternoon.


Watery Wednesday

River Bear Fountain


SuperPizzaBoy and I call this the River Bear Fountain. I have no idea what the official name is.


It is on the Arkansas River trails at 71st and Riverside.


SPB and I have been resting here on our jaunt’s since he was one year old and I was pushing him along in baby stroller.  A few more years he may be pushing me along!

Watery Wednesday