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A Noon Walk in Four Photographs

This work tickles me. I have no idea what it is about or why it is there so I call it Tulsa’s Tribute to Exotic Dancers. I mean exotic dancers need love too right?

I’m not one of those who can just work all morning and then grab a sandwich and work while eating and then keep on working. I know people like that and I feel sorry for them. Working your fingers to the bone gets you bony fingers is my motto. Especially on a beautiful day like Tuesday. So after I ate my lunch I fired the Hipstamatic app on my Ipod Touch and off I went to the Brady District, just over the tracks from downtown for a little walk.

I’m going to go into the Hunt Club in the Brady District one day after work and get me a beer. I’m going to do that even though I am not near enough a cool person enough to go do that.

In addition to my Ipod I took along my wide brimmed hat. You see I have a little touch, (non serious, and treatable) of skin cancer on my forehead, face, and hands. So I got the big trifecta treatment (that is what I call it). I got a bunch of lesions froze off and then last week I had a little “burn and scrape” on my forehead and then I got the “chemotherapy cream” that I put on my forehead three times over the weekend.

It tickles me that the Woody Guthrie Museum is in Oklahoma. Oklahoma is in bad need of Woody Guthrie therapy.

So now my forehead looks horrible. It is all broken out and red and draining a little. I’m getting stared at in meetings and a young lady asked me in the elevator today if I was okay. I’m great and getting better every day is what I told her. I told her that it looked worse than it felt. I told her that the old skin is peeling and new skin is underneath.  Dang, what is it taking so long to get to the first floor!? I could tell she felt really sorry for me and that I was just trying to be positive about it. She told me as we got out that she hoped everything was going to be okay. Yeah, well I do too.

I have to tell you, I love almost everything there is about trains and railroads. 

So, I really am okay! But I’m putting on extra sunscreen and wearing my big ole funny looking wide brimmed SPF 50 hat when I’m outside. My dermatologist tells me that she and I will be seeing each other twice a year or so for many years to come. Makes me glad that I picked such a young pretty one is what I say.

What kind of precautions are you taking these days?

Brushing, Falling, Rotating, Double Exposing, Scraping, Burning Roundup and How Obamacare has Ruined our Medical System

(When she says no photos cuz she isn’t wearing makeup, she is not kidding. I don’t think she needs makeup btw.))

We had storms starting Saturday night and all day Sunday. I lost track but I think we pretty much had it all. Snow, Freezing Rain, Sleet, and Ice, we even had some Thunder and Lightning. Of course this being Oklahoma we were just glad we didn’t have a tornado. The only thing Heather knew to do was get some paint and clean rollers and start painting. She is good at it.

#sunrise on the #beach #alabama #redneckriviera #tinyplanet from last summer dreaming of this summer

My blog friend East Gwillimbury Camera Girl intrigued me with a “Tiny Planet” photograph of hers. She told me that she uses Photoshop to make hers. I’m lazy and I’m too cheap to buy Photoshop so I found a Tiny Planet App for my generic android phone and I’ve been trying it out. Above is a dawn scene at Orange Beach Alabama. All this snow has me wanting to go get my feet wet in the Gulf of Mexico again. Seriously go check out East Gwillimbury Camera Girl. She is a very good and prolific photographer.

#tinyplanet #snapseed #brick #windows #downtowntulsa #oklahoma

This is my favorite brick wall in downtown Tulsa. All rotated and Tiny Planeted.

Tiny planet

And here is the view out my old cubicle window.

Tiny planet

And just when you can’t stand any more, I have more. This is sunset on the banks of the Arkansas River. I promise, no more. Today at least.

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I found another app for my Ipod Touch. It is called Diana. It is about double exposures with different filters. Its fun to play with but it takes a while to find pleasing results. I like the trail through the city above.

Logan Diana Double Exposure

And this is our neighbor’s big willow tree and son Logan. (Not my neighbor’s son you understand.) I like how the willow drapes around his shoulders. I’m not much for the SOOC concept. I don’t think it means much with today’s cameras. I don’t think it ever meant much.


Anyway, paint, snowstorms in March, and new apps are the only changes around here. I’m getting about that age.


The past few months I’ve had some lesions froze off my face and hands. Monday I got a persistent little bugger scraped and burned. Wasn’t that big a deal except a big headache after the local wore off. I have a tiny little bandage. The nurse said if I wanted she wrap my head with layers of gauze to get more sympathy. I told her no thanks, I’m with a tough crowd. So I got the little bandage. A plain one with no cartoon characters. And no sucker. Thanks Obamacare, thanks a lot. You took our suckers away.

Alan's Profile Photo

So I’m going to upping the defcon level on SPF and wide brimmed hats and long sleeve shirts in direct sun. I’ve worn sun screen 365 days a year for over twenty years and I always wore hats. But they were ball caps. The front of my face, including the world’s biggest solar collector nose is fine. It was the side of my face that the ball cap didn’t cover that was the problem. 

Hey so what’s new with you?