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Hipstamatic Journal – Forgotten Treasures of Tulsa

One of my favorite photo apps is Hipstamatic. It is a photography app with a huge amount of filters, fashioned as different “lenses” and “film.” I love the all the technology that goes into dumbing down the excellent iphone camera into photos that look like cheap film cameras from my childhood. I love that look. I don’t think that anybody else does either. My Hipstamatic tagged photos score the lowest likes of any of my Instagram photos. That interests me but doesn’t bother me.

So today at lunch I went for a walk and came across a few sites.


Pretty close to the office is the once grand “Plaza of the Americas.”¬† It used to be nicer with fountains and a bust of Simon Bolivar donated by Citgo before they moved their headquarters to Houston. Now the bust is at the Gilcrease Museum and the plaza is a favored place for housing challenged people to hang out.


I walked a little further to Civic Center Plaza. Burning hot in the summer, freezing cold in the winter it is pretty useless except don’t tell the midcentury modern fans of architecture. They swoon all over the place. I like this sculpture though. As you can see it used to be part of a fountain. The fountains leaked and were too expensive to repair. So no more fountain.


I turned around and a reflecting pool that doesn’t reflect much any more.

I don’t mean to diss Tulsa. I love Tulsa but I am fascinated how fast new ideas and memorials fade and are replaced by new ones but the ghosts of the past never quite seem to go away. It seems like we get amnesia about every five to ten years and we want something new.


On the lighter side, near the fountains was a food truck. I love how people are ambivalent to some lines. You can see that people are wondering where else they can eat besides the food truck. I also like seeing how people regard their personal space. I confess I do little experiments in elevators such as if there three of us in an elevator and somebody gets off, the other two respace themselves. I often don’t do that¬† and I can tell that increases the tension of the other person. I love little things like that about people. People watching is my favorite sport.

Have a great week folks!

A Noon Walk in Four Photographs

This work tickles me. I have no idea what it is about or why it is there so I call it Tulsa’s Tribute to Exotic Dancers. I mean exotic dancers need love too right?

I’m not one of those who can just work all morning and then grab a sandwich and work while eating and then keep on working. I know people like that and I feel sorry for them. Working your fingers to the bone gets you bony fingers is my motto. Especially on a beautiful day like Tuesday. So after I ate my lunch I fired the Hipstamatic app on my Ipod Touch and off I went to the Brady District, just over the tracks from downtown for a little walk.

I’m going to go into the Hunt Club in the Brady District one day after work and get me a beer. I’m going to do that even though I am not near enough a cool person enough to go do that.

In addition to my Ipod I took along my wide brimmed hat. You see I have a little touch, (non serious, and treatable) of skin cancer on my forehead, face, and hands. So I got the big trifecta treatment (that is what I call it). I got a bunch of lesions froze off and then last week I had a little “burn and scrape” on my forehead and then I got the “chemotherapy cream” that I put on my forehead three times over the weekend.

It tickles me that the Woody Guthrie Museum is in Oklahoma. Oklahoma is in bad need of Woody Guthrie therapy.

So now my forehead looks horrible. It is all broken out and red and draining a little. I’m getting stared at in meetings and a young lady asked me in the elevator today if I was okay. I’m great and getting better every day is what I told her. I told her that it looked worse than it felt. I told her that the old skin is peeling and new skin is underneath.  Dang, what is it taking so long to get to the first floor!? I could tell she felt really sorry for me and that I was just trying to be positive about it. She told me as we got out that she hoped everything was going to be okay. Yeah, well I do too.

I have to tell you, I love almost everything there is about trains and railroads. 

So, I really am okay! But I’m putting on extra sunscreen and wearing my big ole funny looking wide brimmed SPF 50 hat when I’m outside. My dermatologist tells me that she and I will be seeing each other twice a year or so for many years to come. Makes me glad that I picked such a young pretty one is what I say.

What kind of precautions are you taking these days?

Catching Some Rays


Things are crazy at work now days. The energy industry has just gone plum crazy. I had a working lunch meeting with some customers who flew up from Houston today. We meet and eat sandwiches during the meeting. I do that a lot a now. Packing more business into the day. Well, we had a good meeting and after they left I looked out the window and its a beautiful day. Time for a quick round to see what is going on.

#downtown_tulsa has their christmas_tree up

I headed over to out beautiful BOK Center. Tulsa has their Christmas Tree up already. It seems a little early to me.What do you think. So many facebook friends are bragging about their Christmas trees. Hey what about Thanksgiving?

#ice #rink #cooling tubes #tulsa

As an engineer I had to check out the refrigeration for the temporary ice rink going in. I think it will work. What do yo think?

#tulsa #convention #center reflections

I went by the adjacent Convention Center and caught a couple of reflections.


I love reflections.

#downtown_tulsa #geocaching - do you see the container?

I went looking for a geocache that has eluded me. I found it! Do you see it? Want a clue? I’ll give it to you anyway, it is right in the center about a quarter of the down the middle of the pic.


On the way back to the office I took another shot of the BOK Center.

Back to work, helping solve America’s energy problems.

Signs – Lighting it Up

#running #morning #industry #river #tulsa

I run with two Ipods now. An antiquated Nano for music and a newer Touch for taking pictures (cuz I’m a picture taker not a photographer). I happened by this plant a week or so ago on a morning run just as the sun had come up.

I’ve always admired the old school giant neon signs of PSO’s Tulsa Power Station right on the Arkansas River, especially the script “Electricity in big red letters just so we know what is going on there. Its from a different era where utilities promoted themselves a little more aggressively.

Signs, Signs