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Michael Buble in Tulsa.

Heather and I had our 33rd Anniversary the other day. We didn’t feel like celebrating much because our dog Rascal was not doing very well at all and we ended up putting him to sleep the next day. So things were not very happy at our house. Last night though we went to the Michael Buble concert here in Tulsa.

We’re glad we went. We love the guy and he always puts on a great show. This was the fourth time we’ve seen him. He sings an updated “Great American Songbook,” standards from people like Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and others. One of my favorite songs is, “I’m Feeling Good.”

Another favorite is “Home.”

Over the years, he has mellowed quite a bit. He used to have kind of a bad boy persona and his shows could be quite raunchy. He’s now married and has four children and seems to be quite the family man but he still looks has that playful smile.

And we were happy. That is about as smiling as it gets for me. We had a good time.

Skywatch Friday – Anniversary Edition


On Sunday Heather and I went for a bike ride. We drove 14 miles in nice weather under a beautiful blue sky.

And because I’m such a nerd, here is a video of the route we took.


Saturday night we celebrated our Anniversary in style at a trendy restaurant downtown. The Bull in the Alley, only ten tables in the place. But it is deluxe.


We had lots of real estate to ourselves. We had a nice leisurely dinner. We’ll be going back.


The entrance is in an alley. Who’d of thought. No sign or anything.


We also have a new member of the family. A nice little female kitten. She has taken over the house. We are trying to name her. The vet we got her from calls her Wendy. We think Windy might be more apt because she is kind of gassy. We are thinking Izzy or Lizzy or Chloe sounds good. What do you think? She is very sweet and not scared of our goofy dogs at all.


Nana kind likes her also.


Heather is already hooked, and so am I.

Anway, that is what is up with us. I did post a bit of the sky so this is my Skywatch Friday post.

Anniversary Time!!!!!


It is time to celebrate. Heather and I have been married twenty six years!!! She is the life of the party in my book.  25th Anniversary today. I love Heather, we have been through much and I am looking forward to the next 25! She has stood by me this whole time.  _DSC0165

And just keeps looking better the whole time.


She manages to keep me grounded from time to time.


She is a devoted and loving mother. Just ask the kid.

Heather and Logan #mother #son #protest #rally at #tulsa #cityhall keep #clarktheateropen

She is willing to go down to City Hall and stand up for what is right.


She is first in line for any adventure.


>She loves critters of all kinds from little yappy dogs.

Donkeys and Drilling Rigs edit

To ranch donkeys.


She is an intrepid explorer.

Alan and Heather

Happy Anniversary Heather, I love you very much!

Tulsa Holiday Weekend Colors

Hey it is the Labor Day Weekend and things are mighty colorful here in Tulsa.

Lafortune Park Play Set

Logan and I found this Blue play set at Lafortune Park. I had never noticed that it looked like a huge vacuum cleaner.

 Liquor Store with Yellow Sign

I went geocaching and found a cache at this abandoned liquor store with the very yellow sign.

Dish Shopping

Heather and I are in the market for dishes. Is it just me or does everybody find it hard  to find dishes?


Friday night Heather and I went to the First Friday Art Crawl in Tulsa’s Brady District north of downtown.  A good time was had by all. One of the galleries had red dresses for sale. Something about benefiting heart disease research for women.


I went on a geocaching jaunt earlier that day to Tulsa’s Oxley Nature Center. I found this yellow flower. You want to know what kind it is? I just told you, it is a yellow flower!


And I found some red berries. Don’t be asking what kind they are!


How about these refreshing drinks a Sisserou’s before the Art Crawl. Heather and I were doing a little precelebrating of our 26th wedding anniversary. Yep, I’m one lucky guy alright!!

What kind of colors have you seen lately?

Silver Anniversary

Well 25 years ago I robbed the cradle, some said.

Heather Birthday 1

Not Really!!! But I did get married to the love of my life.

Heather Wedding_0001

Isn’t Heather beautiful?


Of course I’m quite a catch also, right? Right, Right, …. Cmon, someone throw me a bone!


And then a few years later along came our little bundle of … Well his name was Logan!!


At least he would go geocaching with me. Until he wised up at least.

Alan and Heather

Heather is a lot of fun. I mean a lot of fun.


She is the spark of our little family. The one who gets things going and keeps things going.

Donkeys and Drilling Rigs edit

And the animal lover, even those with big ears. The donkey’s ears, Heather’s ears are quite petite. Really.


And the daughter.


And the dancer and advocate. T

With Heather at the #grocerystore #stalkingmyownwife

Heather is my favorite subject. Even when it is inconvenient.


She’s the deep thinker in the family. She always has a plan.


She isn’t much of a spectactor. She is right in the middle of everything.


Even when she is chilling she doesn’t mess around.

Heather and Logan #mother #son #protest #rally at #tulsa #cityhall keep #clarktheateropen

She is not afraid of fighting city hall or anybody else for that matter for her family.


She knows how to have fun

Alan and Heather


And lucky me, she is now my wife of 25 years!! And she is just getting started.

I love you Heather, thank you for the 25 years and I’m looking forward to the next 25!!

I know that you will surprise me, you always do!!

“Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.”

I Corinthians 4-7 (NIV)

‘A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies. Her husband has full confidence in her and lacks nothing of value.”

Proverbs 31:10