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Perfect Pairings – Off to Camp

Sunday morning we loaded the kid up. We had a very detailed list and Sweetie got everything packed and checked it twice.
#charis #hIlls

We drove way down into north Texas (right into north edge of the Barnett Shale Gas Field, for you other Gas Guys and Gals out there.)  Here is a sight just a few miles from the camp.

#fracking #barnett #shale #texas
They are fracturing a well! Sweetie asked me if it was dangerous. I told her only if something went wrong. Uhh, I had to add that nobody off the site was in any danger. 

Sorry, back to the matter at hand. SPB is attending Charis Hills Camp. It is a Christian based camp for kids with learning differences. We went down and toured it last week, we think it is a great place and SPB is going to have some major fun.

Charis Hills
SuperPizzaBoy got a top bunk. We really do hope he doesn’t fall out! (I’m not trying to be funny)
Charis hills
Saying goodbye to Mom and Dad. He couldn’t wait for us to leave. And… he was told that he would have to wear a life jacket during swimming, and … well you know there are some other ands.
Charis Hills
But… the verse below is his cabin’s verse this week. I can’t read it either, here is a translation:

Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance.

James 1:2-3

Charis Hills
I think that this is God’s way of saying “Man Up!”

We would appreciate you keeping SPB in your thoughts and prayers this week.

Perfect Pairings

Summertime Blues




We got the Summertime Blues but we are pretty happy right now.

Have you ever had the Summertime Blues?

I like the Alan Jackson version

But I LOVE Blue Cheer’s version from the mid 1960’s. I couldn’t get enough of it. One of the early heavy metal songs. Love the drumming action, love the hair. It was all so shocking back then, now its funny. It is still a great song.

Cabo San Nana

We were hot and tired so we headed off to our newest resort, “Cabo San Nana.”

Its a great place. Its close, no passport required.

Everybody always gets a huge welcome


Nana herself, proprietor


The landscaping is beautiful


Hey look, the head landscaper and her trusty assistant Abby taking a break


The kids, they had fun. You know, though, do you know what you would see if you could view into their heads?


What you would see is a bunch of video game characters. AAAAAAHHHH!!!

I hope that you have a “Cabo” you can go to this weekend.