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Skywatch Friday – Sunset, Texas


Nope, its not a sunset, it was before 10 am. But it is Sunset, Texas where SuperPizzaBoy will be spending a week at summer camp next week. Don’t tell SPB but Sweetie and I will be having our own summer camp in his absence!

I know this picture is a mess. The horizon is all whopperjawed (yes that is a word in Oklahoma, but I wouldn’t use it in Scrabble or WWF) and the and the poles are all akimbo but I love the blue sky and the ranch wicket gate, and the big ole trees. (If you have a ranch in Texas, even if it is just an acre, you have to have a wicket gate, or you are just a poser.)

SPB went to a  short session summer camp, Camp Grey Squirrel,  in Oklahoma last year and just loved it. This year it is a whole week. When I was a young Yogi, way back when the earth’s crust was still cooling off, I went to a bunch of summer camps in the mountains of northern and central Utah, northern Arizona, and New Mexico. I loved them. We’re hoping SPB will have a good experience also, despite the total and complete week long ban on anything electronic.

When was the last time you went to Summer Camp? Was it Fun?!

Skywatch Friday