Skywatch Friday – Sunset, Texas


Nope, its not a sunset, it was before 10 am. But it is Sunset, Texas where SuperPizzaBoy will be spending a week at summer camp next week. Don’t tell SPB but Sweetie and I will be having our own summer camp in his absence!

I know this picture is a mess. The horizon is all whopperjawed (yes that is a word in Oklahoma, but I wouldn’t use it in Scrabble or WWF) and the and the poles are all akimbo but I love the blue sky and the ranch wicket gate, and the big ole trees. (If you have a ranch in Texas, even if it is just an acre, you have to have a wicket gate, or you are just a poser.)

SPB went to a  short session summer camp, Camp Grey Squirrel,  in Oklahoma last year and just loved it. This year it is a whole week. When I was a young Yogi, way back when the earth’s crust was still cooling off, I went to a bunch of summer camps in the mountains of northern and central Utah, northern Arizona, and New Mexico. I loved them. We’re hoping SPB will have a good experience also, despite the total and complete week long ban on anything electronic.

When was the last time you went to Summer Camp? Was it Fun?!

Skywatch Friday

18 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – Sunset, Texas

  1. Gaelyn

    I always wanted to go to camp but it wasn’t part of my family’s reality. I’m sure SPB will have fun. And I like your whopperjawed photo, and a new word for my non-Oklahoma vocabulary.

  2. EG CameraGirl

    Oh goodie! Summer camp. I DO hope SPB enjoys his stay in Sunset, Texas. I bet summer camp with you and Sweetie will be tons of fun too. Ssshhhh! I won’t tell.

  3. Daryl Edelstein

    first of all, I wouldnt be surprised if WWF permitted whopperjawed. the ‘words’ it okays or nays are sometimes beyond my understanding … icer .. someone who ices cakes? Not permitted.

    I went to Girl Scout Camp before electronics were invented …

  4. Sylvia K

    Ah, that does look like Texas and a beautiful blue sky indeed! I hope SPB has a terrific time — and you and Sweetie, too! If the earth’s crust was still cooling off when you were a youngster, then the earth must have been waiting for its crust when I was a youngster!! Have fun!!


  5. Lois Evensen

    Ah, yes, summer camp. I went to a Girl Scout Camp when I was young, but the favorite was music camp when I was in high school. I think I went every year I could go.

  6. GW Bill Miller

    I enjoyed church camp when I was a lad. The last summer camp I attended was at Fort Sill with the Army Reserve. Was it fun? Not particularly, but it had it’s lighter moments.

  7. Leedslass

    The only camp I ever went to was girl guide’s camp on the Isle of Man and the only thing I can remember about it were the boy scouts who were in another camp!!!
    I’m sure SPB will be fine without his technology and I’m absolutely certain you and Sweetie will find something to occupy yourselves with whilst he’s away.

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