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Camera Critters – Jo the Llama

Meet Jo the guard llama.

Jo the Llama

We have friends who have sheep and other critters and the local coyote or wild dogs are kind of hard on them so they brought Jo in protect them.


Here she is striking a pose. Protective and Stylish you could say. That’s one of the momma sheep next to her.


Ears up is good.


Ears back is annoyed.


You can tell the lamb is resting easy.

Momma’s happpy also.

Camera Critters

Camera Critters – Baby, the Sheep


Friends of ours that have some acreage close to town have various critters including sheep.
My favorite is “Baby” so named because her mother rejected her and so she was raised in the house. She doesn’t know that she is not human. She has always been very trusting, maybe too much so.

Lucky aka Baby

Recently Baby was attacked by another animal. They don’t know what. Baby survived and is being treated but has changed.


She is miserable with her injuries and she is no longer trusting. She is fearful.


Hopefully she’ll get better.


Not a hundred feet away a lamb is resting. Mom is checking me out, I kept my distance, I didn’t  want to stress them.

Camera Critters

More of the Lambs


I went back out to the farm to see the lambs recently. They are growing. Mom is still very protective of them.


She told me that the comments about mint jelly made on the blog last week were not amusing! Not at all!

Time to introduce “Lucky”


She was born two years ago and was rejected by her mother. So she was raised by Sweetie’s friend Karen. Karen calls her “Baby.”

Lucky aka Baby

She follows Karen around the farm like a dog. It really is kind of sweet.

Camera Critters