Scavenger Hunt Sunday – Posed Edition

Another edition of Ashley Sisk’s Scavenger Hunt Sunday where she provides prompts and we provide the pics.

1. Supplies


This is from a camp out last year on Turkey Mountain during an event called Base Camp. Which is the only night one can legally go camping on Turkey Mountain all year. I have a pretty nice setup from my Cub Scout Assistant Den Leader Days. I have a nice roomy tent, a cot and even a night stand. And of course a decent cooler. Out Cub Scouts now I generally have different things to drink that what I brought back then. This is my post from last year’s event. I don’t know if I’m going to make it this year. Son is a senior and we have all sorts of things going on with him.

2. Shadows


These shadows are from a bridge at Powell Gardens near Kansas City.

3. Something I want


Heather and Logan are all that I want and I already have them. I am notoriously difficult to buy presents for because I don’t really want for anything. And no, that is not our donkey. I want pictures of donkeys but don’t give me the real thing.

4. Open DSCN0553

The past several weeks all the schools have been opening their doors for school. One thing I love about facebook is all the parents posting first day of school pics of their kids.

5. Posed


Saturday, Logan and I hiked five miles on Turkey Mountain. We both got a little parched and tired because it was hot and humid but took time to take a few pics. I thought this tree made a nice prop for a photo.

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11 thoughts on “Scavenger Hunt Sunday – Posed Edition

  1. sylviakirk

    Fun post and great shots for the day!! It’s always fun to see Logan and still amazes me to realize how much he has grown in the years I’ve been following your blog!!! Wonderful!! Thank you for sharing the fun, as always!!

  2. DeniseinVA

    Fun photos! Lovely shots of the family and that shadow one, very cool! I like donkeys and the fact that one bit me when I was ten didn’t put me off them for life.

  3. Ida P. Krause

    Nice set for the prompts. My curiosity is up as to why you can only camp on Turkey Mountain 1 day a year.
    Loved your shadow shot.
    What you don’t want a donkey, I’m shocked.
    Open & Posed were both well done. – He’s sure growing up quickly.

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