Digital Art – Yellow Flowers

Yellow Linnaeus Flowers Impressions 73pct oil jim lasala

I found myself with some time last Saturday after I dropped the kid off at his Improv class so I went up to Tulsa’s Linnaeus Teaching Gardens and strolled around taking pictures. I am trying to learn how to do bokeh where the subject is in focus and the background is out of focus. I found these yellow flowers (you want to know what kind they are, I told you, they are yellow flowers) and loved them. For today I ran them through Topaz Impressions and backed the filter off about a quarter.

There is something about the last days of summer that makes flowers that much more beautiful even though they may be a little faded.

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7 thoughts on “Digital Art – Yellow Flowers

  1. Andrea @ From The Sol

    I agree, the flowers do seem more beautiful … maybe it is because we know soon they will be gone. I think you did get a sort of bokeh effect, though not the traditional one. But that’s okay because it goes well with your yellow flowers 🙂

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  2. Driller's Place

    I have GOT to get Topaz…that’s just all there is to it. Very nicely done. Bokeh is typically achieved in two ways. You can shoot with the lens set at the lowest f stop and a faster shutter speed. For example if you have a 50mm lens and it’s lowest f stop is 1.8, then that is where you start. The higher the f stop number the greater the depth of field and the more stuff that will be in focus.
    The other option is use a zoom lens. Step away from the subject a little further than you normally would, the zoom in on the subject. This will also blur the background.
    There is a web site that has all sorts of tips and tricks that you will find most helpful. You’re images are great. Just keep shooting. Have a blessed week.

  3. sylviakirk

    I do love the flowers this time of year and yours are beautiful!! Great shot for the day and you are having fun, aren’t you!! I love it!! Hope your week is going well — can’t believe another one is almost gone!! The older I get the faster it goes!!

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