27 thoughts on “Driveway Skywatch

  1. Sylvia K

    Gorgeous, colorful skies and the perfect way to begin or end the day — especially from your own driveway! Terrific capture! I hope you have a wonderful, colorful day!


  2. Barb

    Whether you’re at home or at the office, you have a great view of the sky, Yogi. I see your trees are leafing there in Tulsa.

  3. Genie

    Isn’t it a treat to walk out your front door and see a gorgeous sky like this one. I feel this way every morning on my way to school with the sunrising in front of me. Special moments in nature are always very close to us.

  4. AVCr8teur

    I think my eyes are playing tricks on me. I can almost see the clouds moving through the sky in your picture. Beautiful way to close out your day.

  5. whatandysees

    Some of my best sky pics have been taken within 50yds (mtrs) from my front door, the sky is always there!….. this is a cracking capture of a fiery sky, thanks for sharing!…..:)

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