Leaves of Three – Let it Be

Poison Ivy - Texture Effects - Mechanic Grime

I found a patch of poison ivy on one of my recent walks in the woods. It sure is pretty when it changes color. Don’t touch though. I’m not sensitive to it, but I don’t tempt fate either. I used a new Topaz Labs product “Texture Effects” on this. It popped the colors out a little bit and somehow gave the image a somewhat 3D effect. I love messing with photos.

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10 thoughts on “Leaves of Three – Let it Be

  1. Gaelyn

    Good to know the “leaves of three” rule, even if not sure it affects you. Those Topaz effects sure do cool things.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and the family!

  2. Andrea @ From The Sol

    Can never be too careful about brightly colored plants … very often they are trying to warn us away. I like the leaves of three rhyme, but what I have found is there are many leaves of three and it is often hard to be sure which ones are and which ones are not meant to be left alone 🙂 Nice picture … your did pop out the color nicely.

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  3. genie

    I like your Six-word memoir. I have been working on them. Got the book on my Kindle and am having the best time reading it. Leaves of three~ Let it be. Very, very nice. Fortunately I have not gotten close enough to poison ivy when it is changing colors to see it prettiness.Wish it was like this all year round…then I might not get into it on my walks.

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