Tuesday Afternoons – Autumn Days in the Woods


Oxley Nature Center – Tulsa, Oklahoma

There is no better way for me to “get my head on straight” than to walk through the woods. Warm, dry, and sunlit is great but not necessary. I will go in any kind of weather, what limits me is the road conditions to the trailhead. Fall is especially magical with the demise of the bugs and heat. Nothing like a trail for me to reconnect with what it is all about and get a sense of perspective on things.

How about you? What do you do to get your head on straight.

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10 thoughts on “Tuesday Afternoons – Autumn Days in the Woods

  1. Cath

    I agree with you about walking to clear the head although in my case the seasons dictate where I walk…..ie….in Summer I know there will be snakes active in the bush so I avoid it then….you can’t clear your head if you are constantly worried about stepping on a snake….so I would much rather walk on the seas edge…..dip my feet in the cooling water and the sound of the waves is like a mantra for my soul. Enjoyed your post…it got me thinking!

  2. Pippa

    in the first moment i thougt, it would be stormy and the wind blows the fall to every side! Herzlich Pippa

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