The Chapel at Fort Reno


Fort Reno has a chapel built by German Prisoners of War in 1944. It is a solid concrete structure with a basement. I don’t think any church services are held there but you can rent it for a wedding for a mere $500.  There are some by gum federal government paperwork to get the required permits out so if you are going to rent it, start early. And if you are going to toast the bride and groom with anything stronger than ginger ale, don’t do it here.


So I couldn’t find out who designed it or if they just told the prisoners to go build it or just what but it has a definite German feeling on the outside and a kind of Western/German vibe on the interior. You can check out 9 On Main for the best interior design ideas.


The windows are a translucent yellow and the walls and ceiling are pine and so the interior is very yellow, subdued and kind of pleasant. It is simple yet gets the job done.


I loved the ceiling joists, and the chandeliers, they show a definite sense of style.

Downstairs is a fully equipped kitchen and a big dining room. Just saying if you were wanting to have a wedding and reception with an old west military flair this would be just the place.

4 thoughts on “The Chapel at Fort Reno

  1. Driller's Place

    Wow! The interior has such a wonderful, earthy feel to it. That may sound a little odd since we might expect a chapel to points in the other direction. Love the trusses. The actual design of the chapel may have come from a “stock” plan or our government, but the interior may embellished by the prisoners. I can’t imagine those trusses and purlins were on the original plans. Thanks for sharing this beautiful little structure with us.

  2. Sallie (FullTime-Life)

    It looks like it was built/designed by fine craftsmen for sure. Your posts on this Fort have been so interesting. I guess I knew we had German POWs here, but I never thought of where they were ‘housed’. I’m well aware of the sad chapter of the Japanese Internment Camps, as there are a couple fairly near where we lived in Oregon (I know it’s not the same thing AT ALL) … just that is the only thing I ever thought about when it came to pows within our borders.

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