Skywatch Friday – Arkansas River Sunset

Arkansas river sunset hdr topaz adjust

I know that I’m being a little repetitive and I apologize in advance. At about 5:30 these days at work I peak outside and if it looks like their might be a good sunset then I take the elevator up to my old floor where there is a clear view out to the west and go to my old office and take a few pics. One day somebody is going to be in my old office and I’m just going to have to tell them to get out of the way I have to take a photograph.

It is getting warmer here in Oklahoma. On my run after work I was able to wear shorts and a long sleeved tee shirt instead of the running pants and layers of cold weather technical gear. In the depths of winter I’m warm but my goodness it is a laundry load. It will get cold again for sure but the trend is my friend as they say. I’m looking forward to the beginning of daylight savings time so I can back to run on Turkey Mountain on Wednesday nights.

So are you looking forward to the change of seasons?

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29 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – Arkansas River Sunset

  1. sylviakirk

    Oh, what a glorious capture!! Such dramatic skies!! No, don’t quit!!!! I always enjoy the changing seasons and I’m particularly eager to see a “change” period in our weeks of gray, wet weather!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!! Enjoy!

  2. EG CameraGirl

    Gorgeous view, Alan! It’s great that so far no one has been in your old office at sunset! The weather there sounds great. It’s frigid here in Ontario at the moment!

  3. Barb

    These views from the upper floor are always spectacular. You need to get that old office back! It’s so spring-like in the mountains this week, after a frigid early February. However, I’m not holding my breath for spring!

  4. Arija

    Good boy for already being decided that you will just muscle in , should the need arise.
    Great sunset, I wouldn’t want to miss it either.

  5. Gaelyn

    I think you should demand that office back. It has such a great sunset view. Going hiking tomorrow but not sure about shorts just yet, even at 65F. You know how I feel about winter.

  6. Pat

    You must miss this view from your old office–I’m glad you are still able to go up there and snap some photos. What a glorious sunset this was.

    It has also been warm this week in Colorado. It’s a nice break to not have to wear a coat/boots. I’m sure we are not finished with winter and snow!

  7. genie

    Your picture reminds me of mine with that gorgeous yellow/orange color. The view from your office window is a great one. You are so lucky. My last ten years were spent in an old closet turned into a classroom with NO windows or fresh air. It could be very “fragrant” at times. The boys really enjoyed making sharing their lovely smells with me. LOL This is a beautiful shot with the magnificent colors that Nature shares with us for but a moment in time.

  8. Driller's Place

    When I was working, I used to do the same thing. By 4:30 I could tell whether or not there was going to be a good sunset and I had a couple of places that I loved to photograph. So, I would leave the office a few minutes early to get to those places and be ready when the show started. Nicely captured Yogi. Have a blessed week-end.

  9. Cathy Kennedy

    Alan, I’m looking forward to the extended daylight and warmer days. I’m tired of winter, but mid-summer I’ll complain about being too hot. There just doesn’t seem any pleasing this gal. lol I guess I’d rather be a bit too warm than too cold as long as the AC is working. Thanks for sharing your warm sunny sky with us SWF fans! Have a good weekend!

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