Skywatch Friday – Downtown Sky

Downtown Tulsa - Rooftop - church view Topaz Adjust

We had some stormy rainy weather on Tuesday when I went to my car on the roof of the parking garage I liked the view to the south with the big clouds and the wet streets. I also noticed that four of Tulsa’s major churches were in the view. From left to right we have the tower of the Bruce Goff designed art deco masterpiece, Boston Avenue Church, then the green domed First Christian Church. Then to the right the twin spires of the First Methodist Church and then to the far right, Holy Family Cathedral. Tulsa is unique in major cities in the US in that the downtown area are really thriving and maintaining their membership. The churches and businesses stayed downtown when everybody left and now the people are coming back to live, as well as work and worship. Exciting times we live in is what I say.

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24 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – Downtown Sky

  1. Barb

    Great HDR – I like the wet streets and of course that sky! Isn’t it funny how we see something unplanned and it turns into such a great shot?

  2. Maria

    Great photo and great post!
    Reminds me of this song…
    ♬ So go downtown
    Things will be great when you’re downtown
    Don’t wait a minute more, downtown
    Everything is waiting for you, downtown ♬
    ♬ ♬ ♬

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