Shadow Shot Sunday – Linnaeus Gardens Shadows


I dropped the kid off at his Improv Comedy group today at drove up to Woodward Park and it’s fabulous Linnaeus Teaching Gardens. A small demonstration garden just packed with stuff but it is all so well designed that the density works. This time of year they generally have lots of shadows.


This shot had shadows of shadows.


I love the walkway to the Gardens. Lots of different light and textures.


Outside the gardens and inside Woodward Park I found this group of women getting ready for a shoot.  I thought they were an elegant group. I hope they don’t mind me stealing a shot.


I saw a cat and called, here Kitty Kitty, and here it came so that is probably his name, right? He was a curious cat. He may even be a watch cat. He inspected everybody who came by.  Kitty Kitty quickly became bored with me and walked off with a dismissive flick of his tail.

Have you ever been dismissed by a cat?

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7 thoughts on “Shadow Shot Sunday – Linnaeus Gardens Shadows

  1. nancy chan

    A beautiful garden to take a stroll and enjoy the surrounding. Nice friendly kitty. I have been dismissed by cats many times. Most probably they prefer a friend instead of posing for our camera.

  2. Barb

    Cats always dismiss me – are they trying to tell me something? Was that a bridal party? I thought you’d have more leaves changing, Alan. By the way, beer is not on my list of things not to consume, so you’d be fine with the new diet! Unfortunately, I like cheese and olive oil more than beer!

  3. Sallie (FullTime-Life)

    Love those walkways lined with vines — beautiful spot. The ‘stolen’ picture looks like a wedding party without the bride though — I would have wanted to ask about their story!! Whatever, its definitely a perfect photo backdrop.

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