Skywatch Friday – Road Trip


I have to brag that no filter was used in this shot and have to confess that it is from my archives. five years ago while on a trip to see my sister and her family in Colorado. I also suspect that I may have posted it back then. Hey, I never claimed to be a Boy Scout, even though I was.  Well maybe I tell to much.

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15 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – Road Trip

  1. ladyfi

    What a magnificent cloud shot! Love the shot you put on the Skywatch page too.

    Our clocks went back a couple of weeks ago – I’m enjoying the lighter mornings, but not the darker afternoons.

  2. JM Illinois

    Did you make Eagle? Our grandson, John, did. Amazing amount of work put into that achievement. Your photo though from files is wonderful. Have a great week-end, Yogi!

  3. Sallie

    Beautiful clouds … using your archives is great when your pictures are as good as this is. And as for whether you may have shown it before, I’m surely not the only one who has a short memory and would never have thought that i’d seen it before!

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