Our World – A Run on Turkey Mountain


Saturday morning started out cool with a chance of rain. I thought about putting up the outside Christmas lights on house but I don’t like doing that in the rain. I don’t mind running in a light rain though. I have the gear for it. So after dropping the kid off at his Improv Comedy class I headed to Turkey Mountain. There was hardly anyone there.


It was kind of a dreary gray day, just the way I like them, and so off I went with a vague desire to do about five miles plus or minus and take some new trails. The big well used trails are fine but I love the fainter seldom used ones also. As you can see there were lots of dry leaves on the ground. The squirrels were having a field day running around in them making a racket.


I take it as a point of honor to never (well almost never) turning back on a trail because it disappears or requires climbing up or down a cliff. This trail ended up requiring it. It is at the far north end of Turkey Mountain and I had to climb down a steep hill and then climb back up out on the other side of the draw. Oh well. Slows me down but I’m not in it for the speed.


I saw only one bicyclist and very few other people the whole time I was out there.


I guess that somebody lost their camo hat and some other person picked it up and stuck it on a tree. I always wonder who besides a hunter needs camo gear. When I’m out in the woods, I want to be seen.

Being out in the woods in nature is a great escape. Maybe I’ll do the lights on Sunday. The Cowboys aren’t playing you know.

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9 thoughts on “Our World – A Run on Turkey Mountain

  1. Driller's Place

    Whenever I find and article of clothing, like a shoe or a hat, I’ve always wondered how does a person not know that they are no longer wearing that item? Hope you get the lights up soon.

  2. Kay

    My husband has taken to long and involved bouts of exercise lately, but there’s a dearth of mountains in southeastern Alberta. I like your subdued autumn colors along the path, providing a companionable crunch underfoot.
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travels

  3. orchid (Japan)

    Hello; Oh, Turkey Mountain must be referring place to enjoy hiking♪ I had a sweet smile from the picture of the hat. I enjoyed seeing your nature pictures.

    Sincerely from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

  4. Barb

    I like following trails to find out where they go – I’ve sometimes had to bushwhack and even retraced my steps, but I find it exhilarating to not know quite where I’m heading. Good for you for getting out there even with threatening skies.

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