Skywatch Friday – The Lakes of Turkey Mountain

Turkey Mountain Lake-Edit Topaz Glow auto shine 90 pct

One of the ponds on Turkey Mountain late in the afternoon. We have had a good amount of rain on the mountain this spring so many of the ponds are full of water. For some reason, the ponds are called lakes. I’m okay with that. The sky is a little vague in this photo but I like the light on vegetation in the foreground and I like the reflection of the sun also.  So I’m going with it and hope you don’t mind.

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17 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – The Lakes of Turkey Mountain

  1. Driller's Place

    I’ve never been clear at which point a body of water ceases to be a pond and becomes a lake. But then, in Texas, they call man made ponds, use for watering livestock, “Tanks”.

  2. Alana

    There’s a creek (when does a creek stop being a creek and become a river?) behind my house and I love seeing the reflection when there is no wind. Your picture reminds me of that. Enjoyed the glowing red plants.

  3. DeniseinVA

    It is a gorgeous scene that’s for sure. All along our route, especially coming back east, everything was so lush and green. Even California that normally looks so dry, it was an incredible sight to see.

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