Ruby Tuesday – From Flowers to Rocks


An hibiscus in my MIL’s back porch. I just love flowers. Don’t know a thing about them but I don’t need to to with a certified Master Gardener in the house.


An old water tower with a crumbling old bridge over the Snake River in Idaho Falls, Idaho. I just love mid century infrastructure. Everybody thought back then that we were headed toward an industrial nirvana. Sorry, now its all apps and industrial worries. Where I lived in the west we didn’t have water towers. We had water tanks but they were on the hills or mesas just out of town.


Red hearts on a rock in Idaho Falls. Sorry for reposting a photo. I cheat like that all the time. I’m liking the finding rocks thing and I hope that people are sensible in what they hide and where they hide them.

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4 thoughts on “Ruby Tuesday – From Flowers to Rocks

  1. Driller's Place

    I found one of those painted rock on the main drag through Hot Springs during our vacation. I had no place that I would rather see it resting, so I left it alone. I do think the painted rock thing is more fun that Pokemon Go. I’m glad that’s gone.

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