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Shadow Shot Sunday – Downtown Owasso, Oklahoma

I was in the Tulsa suburb of Owasso last week. They have revamped their downtown area in the last several years and I was checking it out.

So this is my first ever shadow view, as far as I can remember (the only thing I can remember these days is that I have a bad memory.) It’s next to their history museum.

They have a big outdoor event space as well with some interesting shadows.

I like how the shadows interacted with the brick in this shot.

And a run of the mill bench shadow but you know I am easily amused.

Electric Meters

I am a fan of back alleys so I tucked down one and found this set of electric meters. The engineer in me loves stuff like this that is designed and is so cool, functional, and geometric. Just wait a few years and somebody will mess it up, happens every time. Entropy. I kind of like the rust colored paint job as well. It’s almost red.

Painted in Waterlogue

And a waterogue app rendition of our back patio when it was raining earlier this month. I love the blue cushions. I may have posted this photo previously. Maybe not.

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Ruby Tuesday – From Flowers to Rocks


An hibiscus in my MIL’s back porch. I just love flowers. Don’t know a thing about them but I don’t need to to with a certified Master Gardener in the house.


An old water tower with a crumbling old bridge over the Snake River in Idaho Falls, Idaho. I just love mid century infrastructure. Everybody thought back then that we were headed toward an industrial nirvana. Sorry, now its all apps and industrial worries. Where I lived in the west we didn’t have water towers. We had water tanks but they were on the hills or mesas just out of town.


Red hearts on a rock in Idaho Falls. Sorry for reposting a photo. I cheat like that all the time. I’m liking the finding rocks thing and I hope that people are sensible in what they hide and where they hide them.

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Ruby Tuesday Too – New Orleans and Tulsa


I was in New Orleans in April for a convention. I apologize for keeping going back to the well but the Crescent City is such a rich city for the senses: sights, sounds, taste. I finally took a ride on a street car while I was there. I don’t know why I had never had before. The conductors are efficient and helpful, the technology is almost steampunk. Its a great way to move around the city.


While in New Orleans I got invited to a crawfish boil at this restaurant. Eating boiled crawfish is a lot of work. You have to break the tail off just right to get at the meat. And then there is the fat in the body that you eat. I love it. It grosses a lot of people out but that is their problem. I used to have a boss in Houston who every once in a while would feel not too good. I’d take him to lunch and he, being the good native of El Paso that he was, would order  tacos. Me from Albuquerque, would order raw oysters and boiled crawfish. I knew that he was going straight home from lunch.

Knockout Roses

And this is one of my wife’s knockout roses home in Tulsa. I have fun in my not very often trials but it is always nice to get back home. We are hugging each other a little tighter in my family this week.

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Ruby Tuesday – Vintage Cadillac Ambulance

Ambulance - Textures - color burst

A pristine vintage Cadillac ambulance in Tulsa’s Veteran’s Day Parade last week. It really does look an ambulance for the country club set.

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Topaz Labs has come out with their Texture Effects software and I used it in the making of this photo. I like it but the software almost overpowers my laptop so I don’t know if I’ll get it or not.

Ruby Tuesday – Steel Buffalo

Teton Arts Council Logo

Driving down a back road in Driggs, Idaho trying to get a better view of the “back side” of the Teton Mountains we came across this field of stylized buffalo.

They were on installed on the grounds of the Teton Arts Council. We didn’t stop and chat, but check out their web site. Do a lot of good things there, including lots of children’s programming.  So salud to you Teton Arts Council. I noticed that their logo is the same design as these sculptures. I hope I haven’t violated in any Trademarks. I know that my loyal readers will visit me in the Teton Jail if I did. Please bring quilts. It gets cold in Idaho.

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Ruby Tuesday – Cousins at the Zoo


This past summer son and I went to Idaho Falls to see my Dad. Sister Ellen and her husband Irv and their grandson Mr. Beans drove up from Colorado Springs and so we all met up and had a good time. Above is son Logan and his cousin Mr. Beans in a red archway at the local Zoo in Idaho Falls, Tautphaus Park Zoo.

Here is a little bit better shot.


Oh well, it was kind of a shadowy face kind of sun while we were there.

Ruby Tuesday