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Ruby Tuesday – Mom’s Family Diner

Last week I took my Subaru in for some routine maintenance. I had to wait for a little bit so I did something very “unSubaru ownerlike.” I walked across the street to Mom’s Family Diner to eat breakfast without first consulting Trip Advisor, Google, Facebook, or anything else to check it out. Just went in naked so to speak (you understand I am not being literal here.)

Turns out I made a great decision. I had their 2x2x2 breakfast special. Two eggs, two pancakes, 2 sausage patties and it was great and the coffee was drinkable.

So that proves you can go places naked and it will turn out okay (I am not being literal here.)

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Weekend Reflections – A Glass after Class

Heather and I went to the gym the other day. Being the empty nesters that we are we went to a local tavern for a burger and a beer that had an outside area because we wanted to be safe.

Mcnellies Reflections-1-Edit HDR

It was a beautiful late afternoon and we had some great late from the setting sun.

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Ruby Tuesday – From Flowers to Rocks


An hibiscus in my MIL’s back porch. I just love flowers. Don’t know a thing about them but I don’t need to to with a certified Master Gardener in the house.


An old water tower with a crumbling old bridge over the Snake River in Idaho Falls, Idaho. I just love mid century infrastructure. Everybody thought back then that we were headed toward an industrial nirvana. Sorry, now its all apps and industrial worries. Where I lived in the west we didn’t have water towers. We had water tanks but they were on the hills or mesas just out of town.


Red hearts on a rock in Idaho Falls. Sorry for reposting a photo. I cheat like that all the time. I’m liking the finding rocks thing and I hope that people are sensible in what they hide and where they hide them.

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Ruby Tuesday Too – Blooming All Over


It is Spring here in Tulsa, lots of rain mixed with sun and warm temperatures and things are blooming all over like these roses at Lafortune Park.


And these begonias (I think, let me know if I am wrong of course) at the Mayo Hotel downtown.


And this lonely assemblage of flowers near the Williams Tower. In Williams fight with Energy Transfer on their proposed merger I guess the flower budget got shorted. Ever more money for lawyers is the rule these days. What do you think the world needs, more flowers or more lawyers? I vote for flowers!!

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Ruby Tuesday – Vintage Cadillac Ambulance

Ambulance - Textures - color burst

A pristine vintage Cadillac ambulance in Tulsa’s Veteran’s Day Parade last week. It really does look an ambulance for the country club set.

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Topaz Labs has come out with their Texture Effects software and I used it in the making of this photo. I like it but the software almost overpowers my laptop so I don’t know if I’ll get it or not.

Ruby Tuesday – Steel Buffalo

Teton Arts Council Logo

Driving down a back road in Driggs, Idaho trying to get a better view of the “back side” of the Teton Mountains we came across this field of stylized buffalo.

They were on installed on the grounds of the Teton Arts Council. We didn’t stop and chat, but check out their web site. Do a lot of good things there, including lots of children’s programming.  So salud to you Teton Arts Council. I noticed that their logo is the same design as these sculptures. I hope I haven’t violated in any Trademarks. I know that my loyal readers will visit me in the Teton Jail if I did. Please bring quilts. It gets cold in Idaho.

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Ruby Tuesday – Cousins at the Zoo


This past summer son and I went to Idaho Falls to see my Dad. Sister Ellen and her husband Irv and their grandson Mr. Beans drove up from Colorado Springs and so we all met up and had a good time. Above is son Logan and his cousin Mr. Beans in a red archway at the local Zoo in Idaho Falls, Tautphaus Park Zoo.

Here is a little bit better shot.


Oh well, it was kind of a shadowy face kind of sun while we were there.

Ruby Tuesday

Ruby Tuesday – 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Convertible


Logan and I went to the Leake Car Auction here in Tulsa to look at some cars. I’m kind of drawn to the red ones for some reason. I was also drawn more to the 1950’s and earlier cars than I was to the newer ones. I guess I’ll never grow out of it. If you look really hard at the corner of the chrome bumper you can see me, maybe.

Ruby Tuesday

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