Weekend Critters – Our New Cat Lizzie


We have a new kitty in the family. Her name is Lizzie.


She is a rescue cat that we got from our vet.


She is so curious about everything that is going on in the house.

The story was that she was thrown out of a car window in a Hobby Lobby parking lot here in Tulsa. That makes me really mad and really sad at the same time. How could somebody do that to such a small defenseless animal?


So she is our s now, or maybe we are hers, or maybe both I don’t know. She has really made herself at home.


Our big old diabetic cat LJ has even adjusted to her. Lizzie likes to play with LJ’s tail and LJ doesn’t seem to mind at all.


There is nothing like having a new little critter in the house.

I’m linking with Eileen’s Saturday’s Critters.

7 thoughts on “Weekend Critters – Our New Cat Lizzie

  1. Lois

    Awww…Lizzie is so cute! I have a new kitty too about the same age as yours. I got her from the shelter and they told me she had been abandoned near a boat ramp on a nearby lake.

  2. Eileen

    Hello, your new Lizzie is adorable. Cute kitten! Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  3. Terri@Coloring Outside the Lines

    Oh, how sad, and how angry that makes me. What is wrong with these people who think it is ok to hurt animals like this. I’m glad she has a new home. Have a super day!

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