Finally, Rain


We finally had some rain today. Not a whole lot and it brought some cold weather along but things were getting very dry.


I just now noticed the nativity piece located in the prime position below the monitor and above the power strip.

Logan is doing well with his new job at a grocery store. He worked in the deli for a while and is now working maintenance and appears to be doing well. He is getting all growns up it seems.  I took him to a medical lab for some blood work and he checked himself in.


I love taking photographs of refineries and other industrial stuff. I read that in Japan indusrial tourism is a thing. They call it Kojo Moe. People try and visit factories and other industrial facilities. I can understand that. I think I would have a hard time getting the other two in the family to join me.


LJ the cat is happy. It got cold enough for us to turn the fireplace on. Sometimes I think he is going to burst into flames.

We are having a little bit of a toned down Christmas this year. We have had lots of distractions but I am taking a few days off and my brother is driving in to visit. We’ll eat good and maybe watch a movie or two. My main problem with Christmas is that I can’t turn it off as fast as many people can. I always want to stay on the vibe for a week or so. Lots of people seem to be done with it the day after. Too quick for me. I love the time between Christmas and New Years.

5 thoughts on “Finally, Rain

  1. Driller's Place

    Love the filters you have used on the two images. Yes our kids and grandkids grow up way too fast, but they turn into adults that make us proud to be their parents and grandparents. Like you, I like Christmas to flow into New Year. We went to see Star Wars the other day and have two or three more movies on our list go see during the week between Christmas and New Year. Have a blessed holiday season.

  2. Sallie

    Merry Christmas to e erybody at your house! If rain could be as pretty as your first picture makes it seem, I’d be happy to spend all winter in Eugene Oregon! I’ve always loved the week between the Holidays too!

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