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One Extreme to the Other

We have been having storms in Oklahoma. Twenty five or more tornadoes last weekend causing lots of devastation in some places. In Tulsa we have had lots of rain. No tornadoes though.

From 50 meters over house looking northeast. Ominous clouds. The greenbelt is flooded (by design.)

Looking west. More clouds.

Monday was a great day!! I went on a bike ride on the Arkansas RiverParks trails. This is where I started, close to the south end. That is Turkey Mountain across the river there. I know, it doesn’t look like a mountain but Turkey Mountain sounds better than Turkey Hill don’t you think?


Looking across the river to the Tulsa Power Station. It hardly ever runs. It looks like they have it up and going.


And then one of the refineries on the river.

And then from the other side of the river looking toward downtown.

And toward midtown.

Since then we have had more rain!! I’ll take the sun and the rain but you can keep the tornadoes. There might be a song in there somewhere?

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Rain, Rain, Go Away!!

Fall came in with a bang yesterday in Tulsa. Cold, wind, rain here it came. I had to do that most of miserable of chores in cold weather.


Gassing up the car. Nothing like it in a cold wet rain, even with a canopy. When I was a kid we lived in a little town in Arizona where we heated the house with a big huge fireplace that was outfitted with blowers and vents. My brother and I had to saw the logs, split, and stack them and then haul enough wood to the house every day to feed the fireplace. To this day, fireplaces are not romantic to me, I hate them. Anyway, I am off topic.


So I gassed up the care shivering shaking. Took all of about a minute or two. I spent more time taking photos than pumping the gas so don’t feel sorry for me. Not that you were of course.


Something about rain makes it extremely photogenic.


And since today was my day off I had to get some adult malted beverage at the liquor store. Oklahoma finally joined the 21st century last year. We can get a wide variety of cold beer now. This place had a beverage chiller for the beer and wine not in their refrigerators. Very cool. You just put your cans or bottles in and in five minutes they are basically ice cold.


Tomorrow I am running the Tulsa Run. I ran the 15K version twenty four times. Nowadays I will be running the 5K event for the third time. I always look forward to the Lululemon girls and their signs. The above is the only photo I have that ever went viral. I posted it on facebook after a race and it got shared over a 100,000 times. I hope it quits raining today. I have cold, wet weather running gear so I’m prepared one way or the other.

Finally, Rain


We finally had some rain today. Not a whole lot and it brought some cold weather along but things were getting very dry.


I just now noticed the nativity piece located in the prime position below the monitor and above the power strip.

Logan is doing well with his new job at a grocery store. He worked in the deli for a while and is now working maintenance and appears to be doing well. He is getting all growns up it seems.  I took him to a medical lab for some blood work and he checked himself in.


I love taking photographs of refineries and other industrial stuff. I read that in Japan indusrial tourism is a thing. They call it Kojo Moe. People try and visit factories and other industrial facilities. I can understand that. I think I would have a hard time getting the other two in the family to join me.


LJ the cat is happy. It got cold enough for us to turn the fireplace on. Sometimes I think he is going to burst into flames.

We are having a little bit of a toned down Christmas this year. We have had lots of distractions but I am taking a few days off and my brother is driving in to visit. We’ll eat good and maybe watch a movie or two. My main problem with Christmas is that I can’t turn it off as fast as many people can. I always want to stay on the vibe for a week or so. Lots of people seem to be done with it the day after. Too quick for me. I love the time between Christmas and New Years.

Not Quite Singing in the Rain – Getting Soaked on Turkey Mountain

During the downpour yesterday #DownTownTulsa

Wednesday nights are my night to go running after work. I have a little routine. I leave work and go to a liquor store and pick up some craft beer and then I head out either to the Arkansas River trails or Turkey Mountain. Last Wednesday it started a downpour just as I was leaving downtown but my good ole Accuweather app on the phone said it was not going to rain for at least two hours so I’m good right?


So started out on the Yellow Trail taking pics with my Ipod Touch using the Hipstamatic App. I just love blurry photos. My intention was to try and do six miles or so.


This is my favorite spot on the Yellow Trail. I just tell people to follow the arrow. Nobody listens to me but I say it anyway. I repeat myself a lot that way.


This is my favorite new landmark on the Yellow Trail. It reminds me of something new I’m reading a little about lately Trail Marker Trees.  Trees that Native Americans shaped as trail markers or other uses. Check the link. I’d love to see a few live. I’m a little skeptical about them personally.


I stopped a smelled a few roses. Metaphorically.


And check out some color.


Just as I got to the north end of the Yellow Trail it started raining, hard. I put away my Ipod and got out my waterproof Nikon. People tell me about how much they love raining in the rain. I don’t like it too much but if you are out in it and wearing tech clothes then it is not so bad. I decided to cut my run short and run the upper Yellow trail back.


The mud sticks to your shoes and things get a lot slipperier but I eventually got back to my car.


The only thing worse than running in the rain would be riding a bike. The thunder and lightening was getting pretty bad also. That can ruin your whole day.

If I had it to do over again, I’d do it over again. And no, I didn’t go home and drink the beer I bought earlier. You see we are much more godly people in Oklahoma than where you live because our laws don’t allow us to purchase cold full strength beer. So I drank some of the beer I bought last week!! That is called pre-planning.

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Weekend Reflections – Rainy Days


It has been raining here in Tulsa lately, a lot. It is the all day soft steady kind rather than the hard driving flood producing damaging kind of rain. We have been going through a drought so hopefully we are breaking it. Northeast Tulsa is called green country because of all the trees and general lushness. All that lushness requires a lot of water and Tulsa gets an average of 47 inches of rain a year and so far this year we are about 10 inches short of that so I hope we are making it up a little bit.

47 inches a year sounds like a lot to me. That is almost four feet of rain a year!  No wonder we spend so much money on drainage projects and dams around here!

So what about you? Are you getting enough rain where you live?

Weekend Reflections