Skywatch Friday – A Moon and some Oklahoma Country Skies

Full Moon Studio Adjust Crisp

Kind of a mishmash this week for Skywatch Friday. This is the last full moon that we have. I love all the names Full Corn Growing Moon for example, I like Milk Moon the best.

Bike ride sky

Last Sunday I was in my first bicycle race ride. It was a grueling 24 miles over roads in hot weather and I loved every minute of it. I learned that hills are what makes rides interesting for me.  They are never as bad when you are climbing them as it looks when you get close.  I think that I am addicted. Help me to figure out how to sell the idea of a new bicycle to Heather.


I went on a flat as a pancake run on an old railroad bed that cut through ranchlands and oil fields and we had a great sky.

will rogers skywatch 4

And a visit back to the magical Will Rogers Birthplace Ranch.

Hey everybody, what are you doing about the European General Data Protection Regulation? I am considering getting out of blogging because of it. You can see I have no ads. I don’t sell email addresses or any other information you guys/gals share with me. I just want to publish photos and look at your photos and exchange emails about my thoughts. I am a big believer in privacy but not a believer in regulations. Anyway let me know your thoughts.

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20 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – A Moon and some Oklahoma Country Skies

  1. Marti

    Great photos! Almost makes me miss cycling. But then you mentioned the hills and my legs started aching.

    About the GDPR, I don’t think it will really affect most bloggers. But then, I am not self hosted and I don’t have any advertising on my blog other than what Blogger or WordPress put there without asking. I don’t think most bloggers will stop blogging or visiting other blogs. I do think we should all be careful what information we willingly give out, and what links we click on, but that is nothing new.

    If I understand all this correctly, and I probably don’t, the GDPR is an attempt to keep websites from collecting our name, email address, location, etc, and selling it. That’s great, if it works, but I think most of the problem is with phishing websites and that’s not going to change. They’ll just disappear and pop up again with a different site. The GDPR will only control the real websites.

  2. Amy Franks

    Do you have many cycle trails there? we have heaps here and lots of cycle paths along the main roads and highways, they are usually well used.

  3. Gaelyn

    Nice shot of the moon. I like your OK big skies. As for the GDPR, I am concerned that European readers will have difficulty commenting, or maybe even accessing my site. Hope you don’t quit blogging.

  4. Peter B

    Beautiful moon shot and skies! It will be interesting to see if you can sell your idea of a new bike to Heather. If successful, please let me know how you did it!! I’m blissfully unaware of GDPR details, which is probably dangerous on my part. I am careful to share as little as possible, and I think there may be ways to share less data (Chrome’s incognito browsing, third party programs that limit people’s ability to capture your data, etc.). Bottom line: Please don’t stop blogging, Alan!!

  5. Bellybytes

    I agree with you about the GDPR and am doing nothing about it. Don’t give up blogging because of it . I don’t understand anything about it right from how to make your blog compliant with the new rules. I’m just going to carry on regardless and if ‘they’ want to stop my blog ‘they’ are free to do so.
    I’m a Senior Citizen now and couldn’t be bothered with new tricks. I’m done with being a law abiding person!

  6. Ellen

    Beautiful pictures, as usual.

    So, what I did was to add a “widget” that lets people know my blog uses cookies that the user has to acknowledge. Since I use Blogger that notice also contains a link to Google’s privacy policies to explain what they do with the data that is collected.

    I view my blog as a journal of what’s going on in my life so I definitely don’t want to stop blogging (even if I don’t have many followers). You can’t give up blogging either. I love that we can stay connected through our blogs.

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