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Bellingrath Greenhouse 3_DSC0026-Edit

The entire property is lush and provides lots of opportunities for photographs. I loved the greenhouse.

Our family recently took a detour on our vacation to visit the Bellingrath Gardens and Home, located on the Fowl River near Mobile, Alabama. The 65-acre property, which was the home of an early Coca-Cola entrepreneur and his wife, is now maintained by a foundation. The property was beautifully landscaped and we were glad we took the time to visit. If you’re looking to keep your own garden clean and tidy, consider hiring a professional landscaping company in Adrian, MI who are well versed in this field.

Bellingrath Greenhouse 2_DSC0017-Edit

I love reflections.

This is one of those places that I have heard about for quite a while and I had high expectations and they were surpassed. The grounds are immaculate and the landscaping design is superb, especially for those of us with a camera. The gardens are just packed with great visuals wherever you go.

Bellingrath Greenhouse_DSC0003-Edit

We stayed several hours and still did not see it all. I took over 130 photographs.s

Bellingrath Courtyard flowers _DSC0057-Edit

The place has been maintained well and one can tell from our conversations with the staff and guides that their’s is a labor of love.

Bellingrath courtyard iron railing_DSC0067-Edit

What a great courtyard with a the wrought iron fence on the balconty, big huge windows that open, a little fountain, and archways. And I love the brick.

We paid for a tour of the Bellingrath home and it is exquisite. It was built in the 1920’s and had several features that seemed ahead of its time. They didn’t have electricity at first, but the family anticipating it coming had the house prewired and included features you don’t see today such as automatic lights that come on when you open a closet.

Bellingrath chairs courtyard_DSC0064-Edit

A shady area with comfortable chairs.

It really looks like a place where one could relax. Lots of quiet shady spots and courtyards.

Bellingrath flag gas light brick_DSC0058-Edit

I am a sucker for flags and gas lights. REAL gas lights.

And as in the gardens, the house is surrounded by plants.

Bellingrath Kitchen_DSC0078-Edit

The guide showed us where the Bellingrath’s cooks kept the cookies.

The kitchen was superb. They have kept it as it was when it was lived in. Two big ovens and ranges, two big dishwashers, a couple of giant refrigerators. We loved the light airy feeling of the place.

Bellingrath Dining Room_DSC0083-Edit

This was my favorite room. Not the main dining room but another one. Again, big tall windows with great light.

If you want to visit, check out Bellingrath’s web site. Lots of great info on planning and what to see. Being a garden, they always have something going on.

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13 thoughts on “Our World – Bellingrath Gardens and Home

  1. Sallie (FullTime-Life)

    Beautiful pictures of the elegant gardens and home. We toured the gardens — – so long ago now — but not the house (don’t remember why) … nce memories. i’m glad you enjoyed your Alabama Gulf Coast vacatioin!

  2. Driller's Place

    This looks like a great side trip. Sixty-five acres is a lot of ground to cover, but you have certainly found some beautiful photo vignettes to capture. Thanks for sharing with us Yogi.

  3. DeniseinVA

    Marvelous photos Yogi. I have not heard of this place before but it will be on the list next time we are in that state. I love the old bricks and the courtyard. The kitchen is great and the dining area would be my favorite too, not to mention the gardens.

  4. Eileen

    Hello, what a lovely home and garden tour. I like the greenhouse too. The dining room is lovely. Beautiful photos. Enjoy your day and week ahead.

  5. Kay L. Davies

    What a wonderful place! I’m also glad you took the time to stop by, and to explore. So much to see…too much to remember without going back to look at your photos again. I’m impressed with the pre-electricity wiring idea, and I love the cozy gardens with chairs. What a spectacular estate, and what wisdom in preparing for its future.
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  6. Angie

    Oh, this is my sort of place … fabulous gardens, lots of photo ops, cool house, volunteers that care and can tell you a lot (especially about the cookies). Fascinating they created this lovely space and had no kids …

  7. Margy

    The old brick buildings are beautiful. Can you imagine how many gardeners they must have to keep the gardens looking so amazing?” – Margy

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