Skywatch Friday – Visiting an Old Indian Trader’s Grave

The other day I had a meeting in a field office of my employer’s in Western Oklahoma. I had  a little time afterward so I went on a little drive.


I drove past a herd of cattle.


Then a newly drilled well being prepared for fracking. Notice the green pipe in the foreground being built to take gas from the well for processing and delivery to market.


And then I turned down a muddy farm road to get to this marker.


And walked a short ways down a grassy path to this humble grave.


This is where Jesse Chisholm is buried. He  blazed the Chisholm Trail from South Texas to Abilene, Kansas where tens of thousands head of cattle herded north to supply beef for the northeast. He didn’t drive cattle, he was a trader with several stores and developed the trails to restock his stores. He also had good relations with many of the Native American tribes and negotiated to recovery of several women and children who had been kidnapped by the tribes.  He also helped facilitate several peace treaties. He died of food poisoning near where he is buried.

I think it is amazing that somebody who had such a huge part of the history and legends of the West has such a humble grave.

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12 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – Visiting an Old Indian Trader’s Grave

  1. Drillers Place

    Very nice piece of history. A few years ago I attended my wife’s uncle internment in a cemetary a few miles from Grove, OK. Down in one corner, with only the basic of funeral home marker are the graves of Bonnie & Clyde.

  2. Sallie (FullTime-Life)

    That is so interesting — I can’t remember if i ever learned anything about the person for whom the Trail is named. What a great bit of history and it is really surprising and sort of sad that it is such a simple grave. I’m glad you were able to get in a bit of a drive after your official meeting ; thank you for sharing it … and for hosting SW.

  3. Peter B

    Interesting history, and like you I’m totally surprised that there isn’t a fancier, more conspicuous grave stone. Nice find, and cool that you went exploring during your down time!

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