Skywatch Friday – 4th of July Edition 2019

July 4, 2019 Tulsa Fireworks Display

It is July 4 Season where we celebrate the Declaration of Independence gaining our freedom from Great Britain. A day of fireworks and eating way too much. Our family will be going to Tulsa’s Veteran’s Park to watch the fireworks show, and eat too much.

Tulsa’s Gilcrease Museum has a certified copy of the Declarations of Independence and for the first time in several years they brought it out of the vaults and put it on display to the public and so I went and checked it out. It was awe inspiring to see it and astonishing to see how faded it was. They were allowing photographs and I did not take one because it would not have been a good photo. Still, being able to view such an ancient, important, and foundational document was uplifting.

Gilcrease purple blooms Topaz studio

After I viewed the Declaration of Independence I wandered outside and found some flowers.

Gilcrease Lensball fabric installation

I also found a fabric art installation by Rachel Hayes. I used by Lensball to take a photo of it.

Gilcrease Pioneer Woman

And I ventured further into their grounds (which are not gated and are free!!!) to the far end to see the Frontier Woman Statue. That lady has been churning butter and looking to see something for about twenty years now. Probably waiting on her husband to come home.

Gilcrease Cabin

And their is this cabin nearby. The door is always open and I always close it because there is nothing worth looking at inside and it takes a better photo with the door shut. Otherwise I get this big dark spot right in the middle of the photo.

Gilcrease Deer Sculpture

And I stopped by on the way back to the parking lot I stopped to say hello to the Twins. That is the name of this sculpture by Jay O’Meilia. I love it.

July 4, 2019 Tulsa, Oklahoma

Thanks for staying with me on this meandering SWF post, that doesn’t show much sky.

Skywatch Friday

17 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – 4th of July Edition 2019

  1. Angie

    As you know, I love a good meander, so this post was right up my alley. You are so funny – the woman “churning butter and looking for something for 20 years” – LOL. How fortunate you are to have seen an authentic copy of the Declaration. It might do us all good to give it another reading. Happy Fourth!

  2. Sharon

    The woman churning butter is great — what IS she looking for? I love exploring historic places like this. And it’s free!

  3. John R

    Hi Yogi, Enjoyed this post. Neat photos! And, you introduced me to the Lensball. Very cool! Thanks for sharing and for your kind words on my blog. Thanks also for hosting Skywatch Friday. Happy 4th of July to you and yours. John

  4. Alana

    I have been to DC several times in my life and never got into the National Archives (once, they were closed!) what a thrill it must have been to see the Declaration of Independence. We once had the Preliminary Emancipation Proclamation (hand written by Lincoln) come to our small New York city and it was so thrilling to see that – sometimes you find history where you don’t expect it. (and yes, I was able to take pictures). So I read an article on the Gilcrease copy of the Declaration and it is fascinating indeed.

  5. Peter B.

    I like that old cabin, and yes, better with the door shut. That would be so inspiring to see the Declaration of Independence. Sounds like you had a great 4th!

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