Skywatch Friday – Winter Sky

lafortune park sky-2-1-Edit Topaz

It’s been cold here and I’ve been cooped up. Sunday morning I went for a walk around Lafortune Park, a 3 mile trek around a combination golf course, library, playground, tennis complex, and little league ballparks. One of those huge rambling urban parks that I tend to love. I’ve been around it hundreds of times over the years and of course I took my camera and I took this photo just focusing on the water and not paying attention to the sky. I was pretty happy with the result. I got a pretty good walk in also.

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22 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – Winter Sky

  1. Barb

    The water gave you double sky! I love urban green belts and parks – I seek them out when we’re in the city. Cold here, too, but as Bob says, “you can’t ski in summer…” So, we tend to be out in it no matter the weather (unless there’s gale force wind).

  2. Peter B.

    Those remind me of jeep tracks in the sky! Very good idea to focus on the reflection. Makes it sharper and the photo more dynamic. I really like this one!

  3. Alana

    That is one awesome reflection! Our large county park has a pond and I’ve gotten some nice shots. Funny how we sometimes ignore the everyday beauty.

  4. Eileen


    I love any park or green space. The sky is stunning, love the reflection. Thanks for hosting.
    Enjoy your day, have a great weekend!

  5. Sallie

    Loved that movie and was it really *that* long ago? Incredible. That old rusty station would be hugely photographable even without its cinema history! Too bad they didn’t preserve the phone booth (and just take the pay phone out).

  6. Peabea

    Amazing photo. Thank you for visiting Pictorial Tuesday Link Up and leaving a comment. Would love to have you link up your Photography anytime. It opens up on Tuesdays. Also, I agree on your comment, Winter after all the foliage is gone is great for seeing the trees, and I love when I find ones that have grown unusual shapes.

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