Out and About

Since the pandemic lots and lots more walkers and dog walkers in the neighborhood.

I’m still learning this whole retirement thing. One thing is trying to figure out how to structure my day.

My trusty Subaru CrossTrek. With my cool, unused, noisy, costs me 1 mpg roof rack.

So after over 40 years of getting up early during the week and hurrying to get my exercise, breakfast, and newspaper reading in, I started going to bed a little bit later so I could watch Stephen Colbert and waking up later and doing my coffee drinking, breakfast eating, and newspaper reading.

Saint Francis Hospital across the street from Lafortune Park

And that was fine the problem was exercising. It’s summer in Oklahoma and as usual it is hot. So by the time I got done with the preliminaries it would be like 11 am. So I’d go do my thing, run at Turkey Mountain or on the river or whatever.

Swings at Lafortune. My 22 year old son used these when he was two. They removed the seats and chains during the first part of the pandemic, now they are back.

So today is like, okay Colbert is not the funny without an audience. I like to read more than watch television and I hate to say it but I may be a natural early riser. So today I got up and went to Lafortune Park and run/walked my three miles and then went to the gym and used their hot water and towels to clean up.

Our lush patio. Thank you to Mrs. Bates

So I am going to try this a little while. I think it might work out until the weather changes. It’s kind of like my friends that go on mission trips to Tanzania. One thing they love is that when you are over there, when it gets dark you go to bed, and you get out of bed when the sun comes up. They love the simplicity, among a bunch of other things.

The Tiki I had in my office for years is thriving in its new digs. We both retired.

And talk about simplicity. My antique Iphone crapped out on me. I tried everything I could do and ended up taking it to one of those store front phone doctor places. Wish me well. Just to have some thing I went to Target and bought a $20 burner and 30 minutes worth of time. Just talk and text, no internet, no nothing. Remember those days? Don’t you worry though I’ll be back in business in two days with either my antique or a brand new one.

Who says I am not any good at gardening?
Oklahoma Covid-19 New Cases per day.

On the pandemic side it kind of looks like due to a lack of interest in doing anything about it by our national and state leadership, it is skyrocketing. New cases per day in Oklahoma have gone up by a factor of eight since early June.

So I’ll be socially distancing and isolating for the foreseeable future. What about you? How are you doing?

6 thoughts on “Out and About

  1. Vicki

    That patio is beautiful, I’d love to spend some time out there with a good book! I love all the flowers and your Tiki!

  2. Ellen

    That patio is amazing. Sounds like you’re figuring out the retirement routine. I love Steven Colbert too and you’re right, he’s not nearly as funny without an audience.

  3. Angie

    Alan – I have never been a morning person, and sometimes I feel guilty about the number of hours of sunlight that have already passed me by when I get out of bed. Just yesterday, I was talking to hubby about getting up early and going down to the lake to see what it’s like at that hour. Hmmm. Watch the blog to see if I really execute!

    Love your patio – my congrats to Mrs. Bates.

    Sorry about the number of cases in Oklahoma. We are seeing increases in Montana, too, but some of it is due to increased testing. We are continuing to be cautious.

  4. Gaelyn

    Love your yard, thanks to Heather. If you’re an early bird, so be it. Especially if you want to exercise in that heat and humidity. Good luck with the phone thing.

  5. Barb

    Love your pictures – those plantings are beautiful, and i’m glad you know how to water. I always exercise before eating. So does Bob since his proton treatment. We’re out from about 7:30 – 10 AM and then come back and have brunch. I don’t feel well with too much on my stomach when I exercise. This morning I slept til 8 and it threw my whole day off. I guess I got a lot of indoor work done, but no exercise. Those people from OK, TX, and AZ are now in my town making people sick! I’m staying away from them as much as possible.

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