Our World – Hiking the Keystone Trail

Friday afternoon Heather and I took off way past Sand Springs to the Keystone Trail which is on US Corps of Engineers Dam near Keystone Dam and Lake.

A political trail sign!!

It’s a six mile plus or minus loop that is popular with the mountain bikers in the area. When we got there there was only one other person in the parking lot. We took the loop in a clcokwise direction and he took his bike counterclockwise and met him on the trail. We saw nobody else the whole time and ours was the only car in the parking lot when we left.


We didn’t see any deer, we saw lots of squirrels and this guy.


And these two, not friendly at all. I think we were interrupting something.


And rocks, we saw lots of rocks, big beautiful rocks. We didn’t see hardly any litter though. We walked through some spider webs which means that the trail was not very busy.

The trails were well designed and maintained. Not much erosion going on.

We even saw a little fall color. I think coming back in a month the forest would be beautiful with color.

Here’s a 38 second video of our hike. We went every which way. We covered about five miles in all and loved it.

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14 thoughts on “Our World – Hiking the Keystone Trail

  1. Eileen


    Great photo of Heather! The trail looks nice, I like the fall colors and leaves.
    I have never seen two of the box turtles together, cool sighting. It is nice you practically had the trail to yourselves. Enjoy your day, have a great week!

  2. Sallie

    That is one fabulous private trail! (Nice of you to let the bicycle guy join you!). …. I don’t think I’m really anti-social, but do think it’s wonderful to be the only people on a trail like this one.

  3. Pat

    It is nice to see you and Heather having a good timehiking together! It’s always more fun to have company and that trail looks nice and shady. Gald to hear there was no litter. That is sadly rare these days everywhere. Have a good week!

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