Skywatch Friday – October is Here!

We have a pretty good vantage of the sky at our home. Here it is looking west. No need sometimes to drive places for Skywatch photos.

And here is a netted sky at one of those fancy multi level golf driving ranges. Never been although it sounds like fun.

This is a sculpture of a bison that I photographed at a low angle through the glass. It is called Guardians of the Plains and is on the turnpike in Sapulpa, just west of Tulsa.

This is a short video of a geocache hunt at a car museum in Tulsa. That is supposed to be a huge gasoline pump.

One day recently we had the swirly winds and funny clouds indicative of atmospheric disturbances which in Oklahoma means tornadoes. We didn’t have tornadoes. I used the Hyperspektiv app to kind of give an idea of the atmosphere.

I went out for a bike ride the other day. One of the best days of the year, sunny and cool, about 68F and hardly any wind. It was perfect. About ten minutes after this photo was taken I had a head on collision with another bicyclist who veered right into me. Luckily I had seen that he was a little jittery and had put on the brakes and tried to go to the right to avoid him but he panicked at the last second steered right into me.

We both ended up on the ground, I hit my head pretty hard on the pavement but I was wearing my helmet. The other guy landed on a guard rail with his ribs and was in bad shape and his bike was all mangled. Several people stopped to help and we went to a nearby parking lot. A buddy of his came and got him and his bike and Heather came and got me. My bike is okay. People rib me about how heavy, old fashioned and slow it is but it suffered no damage at all that I can see. I am going to have my bicycle shop check it and my helmet out to ensure there is no damage.

I went to our Bone and Joint Urgent care and got some xrays and checked out by a doctor and prescribed some meds. I can’t drive or drink alcohol while on them. So I just have a sore back is all, and a gouge in my hip where my handlebars got torqued into me when the guy hit my wheel. I hope the other guy is okay. He was hurting when he left the scene.

So if you ride a bike, wear your helmet. I hit the ground pretty hard with my head and I didn’t have a concussion. The other guy was wearing his helmet as well. I am thankful also for all the people that stopped to stop and help us.

I am linking with Skywatch Friday – come check it out.

24 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – October is Here!

  1. Alana

    Oh, Yogi, I’m so grateful you were wearing your helmet. My Dad survived a TBI in 1945 and I’ve seen, through growing up with him, what permanent damage these injuries can cause. I always made sure my son wore his helmet when bike riding and would have, whether or not it was the law. Thankful too for those who stopped to help. But onto the sky: I enjoyed the pictures that looked like paintings, complete with brushstrokes, on both this blog and Skywatch today. Really neat.

  2. Eileen


    Pretty sky captures. I like the pelican sculpture/sign on the last photo. I am sorry about your accident, it is good you were wearing your helmet. I hope everyone is ok. Thanks for hosting. Take care, have a great day!

  3. Bill

    Great series of pictures and you are right you don’t need to go far from home for a skywatch photo, a lot of mine come from my garden. You not supposed to give away where the geocache is not that I do it though it is something I have wanted to try. One of my friends where I used to work is really into it. Glad to hear you were OK after the accident, one of my friends was Killed when an Idiot hit him with a car, knocked him 100 yards into a hedge and killed him out right and even got off scott free. If he lived around here I doubt his chances would have been good someone would have sorted the guy out.
    Take Care

  4. Peter B.

    Wow, that’s very scary and could have ended up so much worse. Glad you are OK. Sounds like the helmet literally saved your life, or at the least, a traumatic head injury. Stay safe, my friend!

  5. Amy Franks

    I see so many children riding their bikes without helmets, they just don’t realize, glad your bike was big and solid enough to prevent you being worse injured.

  6. A ShutterBug Explores

    Great shots with the clouds ~ So glad you are okay and no serious damage to your bike and yes helmets are important ~

    Live each moment well,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  7. Gone Tropical

    Glad you did not get insured worse and I hope your back feels better soon.( my dad just had a bad bike accident, tore his spleen)
    I love the picture Guardians of the Plains and the pelican statue.

  8. Jutta Kupke

    A helmet is extremely important when cycling,
    Unfortunately, there are still stupid people who disregard this.
    It is nice that nothing happened to you!
    Your contribution is unimpressive, great photos.
    Thanks for the nice comment with me

  9. Nancy Chan

    Nice sky shots. I like the sculptures. Fortunately, both of you were wearing a helmet and that you were not seriously hurt. Hope the other person is alright and no serious injury.

  10. klara

    oh my…. glad to hear you are well! having a collision not on the road, in traffic, but on cycling path – what got into that guy? checking his phone?

  11. Barb

    You are so lucky your injuries aren’t worse. Thankfully, you wore the helmet. Bob fell once and was knocked out (wearing a helmet). He can’t remember what happened just prior but thinks someone may have clipped his wheel and just left him. He made it home, but I don’t know how – he has no memory of riding there. His helmet was broken. He gives you a thumbs up for not taking the pain meds. A nice cold beer will usually ease the hurt. Stay upright and stay well!

  12. Somewhere in Ireland

    Beautiful skies. A great capture of the buffalo, I like it. Glad you weren’t injured in the bike collision and good that you had a helmet on. Take care, stay safe and have a wonderful weekend.

  13. Ellen

    Wow Alan, that accident could have been so much worse. Thank goodness your injuries weren’t too bad. I bet you were sore for a few days. I hope the other guy is okay.

  14. Driller's Place

    Our grandson works at Top Golf here in town. He says the food is great. Like you, I haven’t ventured out to see what all the fuss is about, but it is an impressive venue from the road.
    Where is the car museum? I’d like to check that out next time we’re in town.

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