Nana’s Red Trucks


Recently the worlds best Mother-in-Law, Nana had a birthday. A milestone birthday is what people were saying but myself, all birthdays are milestones. So what do you get somebody who has everything?


Heather arranged to have this put up in Nana’s front yard. I think it is totally cool.

Nana has an issue though that you need to know about. Two examples are in this photo.

Here’s is a closeup.

And this one is on top of the stove. I kind of cut it off.

And I spotted this…

And these


And this is one of her birthday presents. Are you beginning to see a pattern here? Nana needs an intervention on her red trucks!! What do you think? I am thinking we’ll let here keep them. She has earned them!!

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12 thoughts on “Nana’s Red Trucks

  1. Driller's Place

    What’s the problem? I have been tempted to start a similar collection more times than I care to admit, but I have no place left to display them or store them so I just have to enjoy someone else’s indulgence. For me, I think the attraction comes from the fact that I have owned pick up trucks as my daily driver since 1985. They are handier than a pocket on a shirt.

  2. Ellen

    I love the red trucks too. I’ve seen them in stores and at craft fairs, but have never gotten one for myself. They look very festive for the holidays.

    It’s hard to believe we’re still celebrating quarantine birthdays…hopefully there’s an end in sight.

  3. A ShutterBug Explores

    Oh Nana ~ smart lady! I love red trucks like that especially at Xmas ~ great trucks ~ I have one under my little tree and bought a few pop up cards of red truck with Xmas tree in it ~ Way to go ~ great post and photos, Yogi ~ Ruff! Ruff!

    Live each moment with love,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  4. Barb

    Happy belated birthday to Nana! Seeing all her red trucks makes me smile. I used to have a little cast iron stove just like hers. Now, if I only could remember where I stored it. I think I made mine into a lamp….

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