Skywatch Friday – Staying Outside

I was a little annoyed the day before Thanksgiving. Our gym closed temporarily because of community spread of Covid-19. They are planning on evaluating again on the New Year. So I was going to get another gym but on further thought, I decided that I am going to ride this thing through without a gym. Covid-19 in Oklahoma is exploding and the governor doesn’t want to be outflanked on the right for re-election so he is doing a whole lot of nothing to control it. So I don’t have a gym so I’ll be spending more time outdoors.

Heather styling

The day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday, the weather was pretty decent and Post Oak Lodge, a resort northwest of Tulsa opened up their grounds including their trail system to the general public. I’ve been up there a bunch for Trail Races and so off we went.

My kind of styling. I love my baggy flame resistant jeans from before I retired. (FR’s they call them, part of ones PPE, personal protective equipment)

The skies were clear, the air was crisp and cold, and so off we went. They didn’t have trail maps so we winged. Heather kept asking me, “you have been out here a lot and you don’t know the trails?” So I said it was only once a year and they change the routes some every year. We wanted to go to Holmes Peak, the highest point in Tulsa County. At least we could see where we wanted to go. We had a to double or loop back a few times though. Just adds to the fun, right?!


We passed some of the zip line towers. I used to want to do a zip line and now I don’t.

Here we are on Holmes Peak. You can see downtown Tulsa way off down there.

On the way back, I had to go check this oil well. Yep, it was pumping.

Here is a video of our adventure. I posted it on facebook and a friend of mine said it looked like one of PJ’s routes on Family Circus. I had to agree with him but we had a good time anyway.

IMG_2569-SharpenAI-sharpen (1)-adjust

A few days later we had a full moon. The Beaver Moon I think they call it.

I am thankful to be able to get outside. I am also thankful that we have a vaccine coming. I hope everybody is being careful.

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13 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – Staying Outside

  1. Eileen


    I think it is best to be outside during these Covid times. Looks like a great place for your walking. It is a great view of Tulsa and the moon! Thanks for hosting Skywatch! Take care, have a happy day!

  2. Angie

    Alan – our son was going to a local gym until a few weeks ago, and he had to stop because he felt it was not safe. He has had to create a regime here at home that works for him. We all have to make adjustments, temporarily!

  3. Gaelyn

    Why pay a gym when you can be outside in this beauty for free. I truly enjoyed the zipline in South Africa but it wasn’t about speed, it was being in the tree tops.

  4. Linda W.

    You have some dramatic pictures! I wish zip lining had been available around here when I was younger. Once I had shoulder surgery, I decided not to risk it. (The recovery was painful!)

    Heather looks great. Keep on staying safe. My older daughter is ill with Covid but not too severely, and a friend of mine just got over it.

  5. Joyful

    I’ve never heard of those kind of jeans. They sound like a good thing to have in your wardrobe. Being outside in nature is probably far better for the health and the mind these days. The trails and the sky look beautiful.

  6. Lisa

    Well, you’re saving the money you would have spent for the gym! Plus, you have nicer scenery. And no risks taken. Win-win-win.

  7. A ShutterBug Explores

    Gorgeous blue sky shots and smart man ~ you don’t need a gym ~ you can do exercise on your own ~ Be well, be safe ~

    Live with love each moment,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

    ps. Angel says ‘ruff, ruff’

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