Our World – Hiking Oxley Nature Center

Sunday the weather was great, sunny and kind of cool but not warm so the family decided to go hiking at Oxley Nature Center. We headed up there to their North Woods Unit and there was like eight or so cars parked there where usually there is none and no more than two in all the years we went there. We went hiking anyway! What are we going to do, go mall walking?

There was like three groups with dogs, on a trail where no dogs are allowed. One of those groups was smoking marijuana as they went along. And then they stopped about 100 yards ahead of us and all urinated together. What!!! Yes, you heard me.

So they got to a fork in the trail and went one way and we went the other. We still had a good time but all the dogs and barking and such meant no deer anywhere close. We had a good time though.

I found this tornado damaged tree that looked somewhat like a bird. Does that count as wildlife?

And at this nice idyllic scene about 30 seconds I took this photo with my phone there were a couple pelicans paddling around. I had brought my good camera with a long lens. I got it out and found out that the white balance, shutter speed, and iso was all wrong. I don’t do auto of stubborness any more and by the time I got all that squared away the pelicans left!!!

And now for your chance to laugh at me. (You might as well everybody else does.) Here is our family selfie from the trip. We were facing the sun to get the good light on our faces but I couldn’t see the screen so I wasn’t really sure what we had.

Well this we had. Talk about fail. Oh well, I smile at myself when I look at it.

Do you ever smile at yourself?

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9 thoughts on “Our World – Hiking Oxley Nature Center

  1. Eileen


    It looks like you have a nice walk, except for running into those people and their dogs.
    Not everyone follows the rules, that’s for sure. Pretty views of the trees and water, sorry the Pelicans had to leave. The selfie is cute. Wishing you a happy day and a great new week!

  2. Barb

    It’s definitely good when we can smile (and even laugh) at ourselves! I sometimes wonder what people are thinking (or aren’t thinking) when they behave so badly in public. Glad your family gets outdoors for a Nature hike. It’s turned warm here (in 40’s) – we hope our snow doesn’t melt!

  3. Fun60

    That selfie will make you smile eachtime you look at it. I don’t always understand people’s relationship with nature. Can they see the beauty around them? Pleased you managed to get away on your own for a while.

  4. Nancy Chan

    Hiking is anytime better than mall walking. Glad you didn’t allow those inconsiderate people and their dogs spoil your hike. That is a cute selfish. Yes, I have learned to laugh at myself. Lol!

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