Skywatch Friday – Another Day at Oxley Nature Center

So this is what our house looks like now. We have moved beyond floors and are deep into painting. You couple this with great sunny weather and it is time to get out and about.

Oxley NIK HDR Trees 01

So we made another trip to Oxley Nature Center. The main part of the park and during midweek so there was hardly anybody out, certainly no pot smokers stinking up the area.

Oxley NIK HDR Trees 02

We got about three miles in the sunny, cool weather. We saw all sorts of squirrels and birds but no deer.

Oxley NIK HDR Marsh

I loved how this marsh was still green. Making that oxygen out of carbon dioxide.

Oxley NIK HDR Road

Part of old US 169 goes through the park and has been converted to a very wide paved trail.

We had a great time and covered about three miles. The painters had let themselves out so hung out on the front porch for a while and then moved upstairs to watch Elf.

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16 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – Another Day at Oxley Nature Center

  1. Carol

    I would have loved to have the wall painted but alas that was not in the budget. I have done a lot of wiping down walls and spot cleaning. Looks like you have a great time out.

  2. Junie-Jesh

    Love the views outside.
    One thing in the house where we moved into in Aug. we did not have to do: painting, but I rather had done that than a new shower, 2 toilet bowls, and a new counter in the kitchen, – luckily Hubs know how to do all of that, so I should not complain:)
    Dope you get the painting done quickly!!

  3. Eileen

    You will have a new home by the time you are done all the painting and remodeling.
    Pretty park and views of the trail. 3 miles is a nice walk for me. Take care, have a happy weekend!

  4. Alana

    Nice pictures – I am a tiny bit envious of the warm weather, but we actually saw the sun a little bit yesterday. I can’t complain. It’s nice being out in nature.

  5. Gaelyn

    Glad to see nice weather so you are able to run away from home while somebody else does the painting. Has a warmness of fall still in the air.

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