Shadow Shot Sunday – Sunny Day Shadows


We are having some mild sunny days lately. That makes for great shadows. Even the snowman has a shadow.


And park benches…


And bridge railings


And fences…

I thought struck me. Where do shadows go when the sun is not out? They cannot just disappear, right? That would violate some scientific law it seems to me.

Be safe everybody!!

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9 thoughts on “Shadow Shot Sunday – Sunny Day Shadows

  1. Barb

    Nice ones, Alan! When my grands were little, they loved to play shadow tag or at least jump on my shadow if we were walking. It seemed I was always”it”!

  2. Ellen

    We’re having some unseasonably warm weather here too. As much as I hate it, we really need some snow. One of my favorite things with painting is adding the shadows. A painting doesn’t come to life without shadows.

  3. Sallie

    The snowman shadow looks even more like a perfect snowman than the real snowman does . Tthere’s a Robert Louis Stevenson nursery rhyme that talks about shadows and probably explains all about where they go. That is the kind of source where I get all my scientific knowledge.

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