Our World – Christmas Cats Edition

Lizzie the kitten has to check out every single new thing that comes into the house. She really liked this ribbon that we had.

She has to sniff it thoroughly

And jab at it a few times to check out if it can be played with.

LJ is a little bit older. He gets his Christmas on by laying on stuff.

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8 thoughts on “Our World – Christmas Cats Edition

  1. Ellen

    Cats are the best entertainment. Lizzie was probably smelling the generations of cats that have come before her. I bet you’re glad to have your house back.

  2. Vicki

    I love cats and your cats are beautiful. My youngest cat has to get in everything she can, her favorites are boxes but she loves closets also. My oldest cat is thrilled when a box with clear Packaging Tape comes into the house. She’s fascinated by the tape but could care less about the box.

  3. Photo Cache

    They are well behaved compared to my 2 senior kitties. But Christmas isn’t Christmas without cats playing soccer with glittery ball ornaments.

    Merry Christmas!!!!!

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